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  1. Haha yep. I was not aware that Blazer went through all those iterations. And the innovations......Whoa. He was livin' 2018 back in 1994..... I know hes still in the Biz, but the mainstream audio scene really needs him back. There needs to be a lot more respected audio mentors around cleaning up all the social media bullshit and hate. Although that's probly impossible.
  2. DUDE.......... I really miss CA&E. So much knowledge and ideas from those. Reading that Fukuda article got me excited. ?
  3. Full range 6K.....x2? 350 × 200 - imgflip.com
  4. Electrons flow negative to positive. Before that was understood, current was simply designated as flowing positive to negative. Doesn't specifically matter as long as people recognize that current flows in a circle and is equal throughout that circle. Therefore everything in that circle is dependent on the weakest link.
  5. LOVE the integrated port into the stacked pieces! Cool concept Steve. ...and then of course, the plexi and LEDs as the frosting on the top!
  6. #1...... Seen SOOOO many youtube vids with comments from the home-taught electrical experts. "V x I = P, Ohms Law, Bruh..." "Clamped with my harbor freight meter and I'm doing 10kW Watts Bruh." Makes me cringe. You cant even reason with them either or they get irate and start insulting you.
  7. Wouldn't expect anything less from Doug.............................And I love it
  8. Just use the nominal rated impedance (ex. "4ohms") and you'll be fine.
  9. More headroom = less tendencies for clipping. Your subs will thank you...
  10. Double Digits.! Congrats, best car audio site hands down. Oct 2011 for me.
  11. YAAAASSSSSSSSS. So awesome. Throwing some new school on the old school! Makes me want to hook "Contra" up to some major power. That theme music always got me pumped
  12. Glad to hear you're ok and feeling better! Here's to a speedy recovery Sir
  13. CROSSFIT BRUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is a residential area so close to an industrial one? Anyways, yeah Dude, 9pm seems late. I'd file noise complaints like crazy to force some action. Or.........you could just join crossfit so then you're in the noise itself and it won't seem so bad.
  14. Awesome thread Tony! It's great that you even point out your troubles getting the design to work. True innovators can admit their issues and show how they've overcome them. I'll be linking this thread to all the dumbass comments from people on why your products aren't dirt cheap because they're used to cheap Walmart garbage. I'm in consumer electronics so I'm fully aware what it takes to bring a design to production. It can take a large company months and months to realize a design so the fact that your small group can pull of results like this is truly inspiring. Moar pics! And keep it up
  15. Impedance GREATLY varies with frequency. Here's one of my XL12's just raw. 35ohms! Here is my system impedance with the doors closed: Again with the door open. Big difference between all the difference scenarios.
  16. What's wrong with the paint job? I think Kirill was referring to the orange peel in the black paint. Kinda looks like rattle can finish, definitely needs to be cut and buffed. Tony is a big fan of anodized aluminum so that's what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, still a beautiful amp if its painted but I'm guessing that was due to time constraints on getting to CES. I'm thinking that he'll switch to an anodized cover in the near future.
  17. LOVE old school Soundstream! Build quality was amazing. Can't wait to see what it puts out.
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