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  1. So if my 1080ti was $800, by the performance standard, the 1180ti should *only* cost $2,240 lol When I saw "for under $800" I knew it was an aprils fools day joke. Still sad tho
  2. best enclosure calculator these days would be....????

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    2. DLHgn


      I would check out Torres. It's not overly complicated and is great for simple tasks. I'm not super familiar with it but I believe it will give you a list of pieces you need to cut out and what not. Idk but you can check it out here on the forum somewhere there is a whole post on it. Just search for it. Winisd is great for modeling how the enclosure/driver combo will perform but you're not going to get box dimensions from it and is a bit more involved in terms of adding your driver to the program and knowing what you're looking at. 

    3. Keith77


      Alan cant you nerd one up??  Hahahahahaha

  3. this guys not hilarious, but is maybe slightly humorous. a little.
  4. No.....I really didn't that's why I phrased the question as "are you serious in those rap videos" prefaced by "actual serious question here" as opposed to, "I know you're serious but I'll ask anyway" See the difference?
  5. Bola......bro Actual serious question here... Are you serious in those rap videos? I really can't tell man
  6. yes there's a new motherfucker here. and he's worse than anyone could ever imagine...... he's..... a...... FUCKING SCUM BAG MOOCH Is it bola?
  7. thank you thank you lol first time physics lab ended early so today is the only day of the week I was able to get home before 5pm did a little work on the chevelle and figured I'd 'stop by' and see whats gucci with you guys Have I missed any of that classic never-forget-site-wide-drama level shit?
  8. my patent was accepted for review. les get it bitch

  9. Question: lent friend my welder, forgot he used it for flux months ago since I always use gas. I used the ground clamp on my PC while I've been replacing the thermal paste since I don't have a grounding mat. Is it ruined if I just realized it was still DCIP? (The ground to the + terminal, it was plugged in but switch flipped OFF)

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    2. Dwn4BassAlan


      Awesome, thanks guys. I don't recall hitting any pins but there was 1 slip when I was loosening a screw that was putting up a mighty fight and it was between the heat sink stacks and I slipped and there was a harder bump than I would have hoped for. I guess we'll just have to see

  10. 12 year olds.... Lets pretend "Linz" runs his 36,000W system a measly 2 hr/day @0.15c/kWh. It would be ~$11/day, or ~$4k/year in electricity alone lol. I upped the cali kwh of 0.12/day to 0.15 to account for other minimal household appliances, even at .12/h it would be ~$3200 a year woofers alone. Just for fun: imagine waking up at 8am and going to sleep at 10pm every day for a year and all you did for those 14 hours was play your indoor 36,000W system @0.12c/kWh and had no other electrical appliances at all: it would cost you $22,000 a year
  11. You're also probably gonna need to upgrade your belt system if you have a 67. My v-belts would not work with the DC320a, had to go serp. Thankfully, our classics have more engine bay room usually and you should have no problem fitting the same GM style case into yours. Whats nice is the adjustable bracket we have too, replacing it should only take you a few mins. (my chevelle alt seems like the same as the one on the 67 impala but I can't say 100%, either way it should be easy.)
  12. .......man all this roasting and this like quota has me really fucked up man, that wasn't here when I left was it??? (is a paid membership thing now?)
  13. Oh yeah I also got a puppy while I was gone. Her name is Luna; this is her at ~3 months, I don't have any earlier pics on my laptop but I'll put those in the mans best friend post Definitely the most personality I've ever seen in a dog lol
  14. I missed most of you guys too <3 But I didn't miss any of those annoying routine mega trolls, who are hopefully gone lol I don't remember where you left off with the Chevelle. Is it all minty now or what's up with that? I wish. Life got pretty crazy starting September of 2014 and has been progressing nonstop since then, so that's why I wasn't around. And school is honestly 90% of my focus. I have the floor all cut out and all that shit that took forever, but the new 1-piece has to go in from the bottom. I'm welding in the cage right now so I can lift the body. The guy helping me moved to florida 6 months ago or so, and I needed a competent helper for the rest and once I finally found another friend, my original guy says hes moving back, so once he's back, work resumes and it should be done by the end of summer. So I should have 2 extra sets of hands to speed up the lift process, thats really the last thing before I can handle (most of) the rest alone.
  15. I missed most of you guys too <3 But I didn't miss any of those annoying routine mega trolls, who are hopefully gone lol
  16. I'm right there with you. My favorites have always been cichlids and discus.I've always wanted salt water but I'm scared of messing something up and losing fish What I thought your "favorites" were the first time I read lol
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