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  1. What about that audio pipe amp that's already strapped and puts out more power at 2 ohm then 1??????? They like rook 2 of there 1500s or something and stuck them together in a new case pretty much
  2. Reverse polarity? Can I use this in a 99 Integra
  3. got such a system cops look like I sell rocks all thanks to sonic. sound so deadly, bubonic. I got beats like antonym to meat unable to end my day with defeat I ride around with my focal humming play with me my 4 .cal gunnin. thanks for the sound from sonic the prices be killing it like cyanide to the person who vomits. worried about shipping then you worried about comets these guys and speed that is the topic.
  4. maybe they fried it at .5 which is why they're not warranting it, they don't have to tell you it failed the certified test
  5. No matter what people say jl= over rated for the $. Maybe you could build the enclosure like a ship in a bottle? Put half or whatever put together in the trunk then finish it in trunk. 2 birds one stone. The other thing is that people couldn't steal it
  6. Pop tags by oj da juiceman.. It totally murders on my system, any other decaf similar?
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