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MN events and competitions 2015 schedule

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Bump this up. Who here is going to what? Who here knows of more shows? Who here is part of a local to me audio club? Who here is competing and in what class?

I am not even sure which subs I am gonna go with yet, too many choices these days, i got to hurry and decide or chit won't be done by spring!

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i usually hit up all the sound connection ones, i havent been to any other shows yet. the sound connection one are usually in St. Cloud and another location kinda near St. Cloud i cant remember the name right now

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Thanks guys!

Know of anymore shows?

Sound connection usually has a couple of shows a year in St.Joseph just outside of St.Cloud but on their website it says...

"our big move on March 1st. We are moving to our new location at 15808 Edgewood Drive Baxter, MN 56425 (right next to Toyota)"

Also, I know there is 3 shows in Clearwater, MN this year, check out the Midwest SPL website. May 18th, July 20th, and Sept. 21st.

I also look at the Minnesota's loudest club page but not too sure of any other shows.

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