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Yesterday out of curiosity I decided to wire my Crossfire 8K down to .33 ohms. She played but I couldn't lean on her without going into protect. Its always good to know what your system is capable of. I am now wired to 1.3 which hammers on my SP4 15's.

No System......GFY

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Find out what the reactive load is and that will be your answer. If your under 1ohm reactive chances are you amp wouldn't like it much

My old YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/SwordLords1234?feature=mhee

My old build log : http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/161872-96-accord-b2-sundown-sky-high-dc-power-re-re-build-for-heatwave/page-37

My New Build - http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/207041-2016-mazda-6-sql-build/

2016 Mazda 6 Touring

JL Fix 86 - OEM signal correction

B2 prototype DSP 6to8

B2 Ref63 - 3 way active set

2 B2 Class H quattro's

1 B2 Zero.5R @.5

2 B2 HNv3 12 d2

B2 SLIP40 - Lithium in the trunk

Northstar Group 35 under the hood

100ft 2/0 welding cable

30ft 4ga welding cable

20ft 8ga welding cable

All stinger OFC speaker wire

Soundrive custom RCA's

Tons of attention to detail.... Can it be perfect?

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I dont care one way or another, your equipment..Not sure why people wana run there shit so hard...Then bitched the burnt up there amp...I know you didnt just saying


2006 Dodge Ram 1500



FI BL 12

3sq @ 32hz

Rockford t675


Stinger Deadner

Build Log Here

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Yeah it was under 1ohm reactive and that's why were did a lot of testing yesterday because I am running a funky ohm load with 3 subs....It played nice and loud but when I got up to about 3/4 volume she protected. It was a ton of power though....lol

No System......GFY

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Its no way in hell for a daily setup would I run anything that low......Some guys burp that low but daily for demos...no....

.25 burps ftmfw

Used to have a loud truck

2009 Corvette Z06, H/C/I, 150 shot, g force tune, 730rwhp/690rwtq

2013 F-150 limited, MPT Tune, leveled on 35"s

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2 10in DC Neos,1 AB 1100.1, 8 Kinetik 2400's .25ohm Daily!!

I'll second this.. My Sundown SAZ-4500s run at .35 each, and did it daily for about 2 years (until I gutted my hoe to start the rebuild that I havent started yet), and my amps did it on only 2 XS Power D3100s and 3 alternators (1 of which was the stock 105amp alternator) and voltage dropping to high 10volts - low 11volts full tilt on music.

I don't put images in my signature to let people know I mean business.

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