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  1. for 2 12" subs in a cabin as large as a yukon.... that would be a SOLID number IMO. The subs are underpowered so a little more might put it even higher . quit screwing around and do the testing / post the scores !!
  2. Most peak at 46 or so... Ill call a 149 based on power and cone area. depends how its metered also. So a 147 on the dash and 149 in the kick.
  3. I dont personally watch sports but im glad the Cubs broke the curse. Side note.. Second skin, hats off to you for offering things like this to your customers and fan base. Its things like this (combined with top notch customer service, discounted sales, and highest quality products) that will insure you guys are around to sell me deadener for my 2036, not just my 2016
  4. Sorry Pasta Prime, we don't extend out the sale dates. SMD forum members get it a day early already which was Friday instead of Saturday like the general public. You luckily got the last 2 B Stock Damplifier products which are already discounted at 30% off A Stock. The 3 forty pounders that were left sold to SMD customers too, on Friday though. Let us know in DM next time you need to order and I will get you a discount code to use for the missed deal (just remind me in the message). Have a great day dude!! Secondskin always helping out loyal customers. No wonder I keep coming back with big orders.
  5. Since you have space to kill I would say try to down fire the subs. I have had great success with the subs and port 90 deg out of phase with the subs loading on the floor. So a sub down port forward under the seat box? Also 800RMS on 2 SA 8's i think that is under powering a little but that would be fine. Another factor in terms of subs is how power vs box size works together. Theoretically you could run less power and build a larger spec box and still get the subs to the proper peak to peak throw for optimal output. Anyways. Play around with numbers and see if a 2 8's down fire ported box would work for you bud.
  6. So does a $1000 dollar order qualify ? I guess it does because you guys sent me a UPS confirmation for 120lbs headed to my house
  7. Well... some people get it and some people dont. I once had someone argue with me to the point of making a $100 bet about his "Diamond" box vs a basic (but still custom modeled) box. When I pulled out a term lab, same sub, same amp, same vehicle, same tone sweep...... and showed him the results. Lets just say he never argued with me again. If i remember later Ill make a post about it in my build log with screen shots of the term lab screen.
  8. LOL. The guy in the video. That box would be lucky to have a cube sealed per 12. And then I see a $70 bass amp mounted on the box and all questions were answered. Back on topic for the OP. All you would need to do is adjust the height and depth a little to shrink the box. Take away an inch or two in any direction, account for wood displacement and port displacement and I would be shocked if you had 3.5 cubes of AIR to work with. 3.5 external might be true. Also, you can TUNE a sealed box by volume also. You change the total system Q (speaker compliance vs the box compliance = response) by going smaller or larger. So a smaller sealed box would peak at a higher frequency and have a more camel back looking response then a larger box. A larger box would likely peak at a lower frequency and have a flatter response. But this is very generalized. Box design plays a huge roll in the response curve... Both sealed and ported for every kind of speaker can be modeled and optimized for a particular environment. We also need to consider how much cone area we will have with 2 10's sealed. In the sealed box we will have about 157sq inches of cone to work with but we will only be hearing output from the front side of the cone. In the 2 8's ported we will have closer to 100Sq inches of cone to work with but that will be doubled (sort of) because we get output from the front and the back of the cone. I would decide based on your RMS power... then decide which would be better. In this case I would recommend a properly built and designed 2 8's ported.
  9. Photobucket is stopping me from doing more build log stuff.... Every time i try to load the website it just says "unable to load" but every other website works.

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    2. bsneon98


      gave up on photo suck it as well

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I just use face book

    4. Swordlordboy1234


      Hmm.. Facebook isnt a bad idea. I used the Imgur to great success yesterday. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

  10. Im back... Is anyone interested in my 2016 Mazda 6 SQ build? I have about 5 grand in stuff heading to my house right now.

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    2. Soccerballzs
    3. notorious97200


      Following this build, for sure !

    4. Swordlordboy1234


      Its in the build log I made. First post soccerballz

  11. I'm ready for a vehicle that can pull a lot of weight, gets less the 10MPG and I can wall.

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    2. ToNasty


      I think Josh has been smoking the weed. Don't listen to him.

    3. juan777


      Walls are gay.

    4. scooter99


      I have a 94 f350 I just rebuilt with a 460. lol I KNOW it gets less than 10MPG. Probably more around 3!

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