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  1. Do I count as an OG? All my stuff has stock audio now except for the z06, only has a headunit. Still have the heads, cam, nitrous c6 Z06, new daily is a 2020 tundra with a 3" lift on 34" toyos and just picked up a 2020 gt premium last week.
  2. Am I getting old if Im perfectly happy with the factory sony system in my truck?

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    2. MrSkippyJ


      meh, I'm pretty sure I am keeping my new truck totally stock. It sounds pretty damn ok!

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Yes, those sony systems suck.

    4. Keith77
  3. hmmmm, a tony mamo ported msd intake or a lightweight battery and lightweight seats, 20+hp vs dropping 60lbs

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    2. boom50cal


      drop more weight add more nitrous. big baller heavy hauler isn't the motto in a vette.


    3. deathcards
    4. rocking.that.eclipse


      Why not intake, seats and battery?


      It's just money


  4. just built a 2017 f150 on ford's website with what I'm looking for in a truck, 3.5 ecoboost, 4x4, nav, heated and cooled seats, stickered for $55k, lmfao fuck that, I didn't pay that much for my z06,  looks like I'm getting a used truck

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    2. bighossf150


      I can get a 2013-14 limited, king ranch or platinum for 33-35k so thats what Im really looking at now, it'd be nice having another brand new truck but I cant bring myself to spend that much on a pickup

    3. bighossf150


      I got $11k off my 2013 gmc, it stickered for $41k and I payed $30k but I highly doubt I would get a $55k truck for under $40k

  5. those new pyrami..... I mean skar tweeters lol

  6. hmm, sell the z28 and put that money into the z06 and have a legit 850+rwhp or keep it, throw drag wheels and a 200 shot on it and have a nice dig car......

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    2. _paralyzed_




      Keep going till you pop the 1,000Whp mark.

    3. bighossf150


      thought about it but Im an honest $20k+ away from 1k

    4. _paralyzed_


      supporting parts add up quick!

  7. the new license plate for the z06 finally came in.....


  8. I'm about a month away from getting a new truck, what yall think, 2013 f150 limited or 2015 f150 lariat?

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    2. Ron36


      Make sure you like the truck bed  , they make a 6.5ft bed also that's what I have and it does make a huge difference if you haul shit otherwise that is a awesome truck

    3. Jhunt94


      If you don't want the wheels, I'll take them off your hands lol

    4. Keith77


      The Dodge LOL 

  9. A local chevy dealer has a 2015 z28 for $46k brand new, car stickers for $76k, damn......

  10. finally got the 325's mounted on the z28, damn they look good

  11. Streetcar Takeover was insane, big shout out to the multiple turbo 5.0s and the 700awhp GTR that got taken to gaptown

    1. Kyblack76


      Pics and or vids!?!??

    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Proof or it never happened

  12. Damn Im ready to get my wifes car paid off, a dealership in baytown has 3 2016 f150 crew cab xl sport trucks with a 2.7 ecoboost for $26k
  13. I never changed mine, I think i used a 1/2-1" shorter gator back belt and it help up
  14. sharknado week ftmfw

    1. magillaru


      Is that here already?! Fuck yes!

  15. If you have to finance some 400w subs........jesus christ
  16. Im supposed to be closing on my new house next month, once thats finished the z06 is going in for the nitrous install, should be a solid 700-750rwhp car

  17. Watched a 730rwhp ctsv get gapped by a tvs coyote last night, time to step my game up

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    2. ToNasty


      Wouldn't worry to much about the Mustang. Probably only make it half way down the track and crash into someone

    3. boom50cal


      anything boost on a stock coyote is crazy...

  18. Just watched some old vids of the f150, it was fun but ill never do a build any where near that size again.

  19. just looked into swapping a 4l80 into the z06....10-15k.....fuck that lol

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    2. ToNasty


      I wanna know why you want to convert a stick car to auto

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict
    4. boom50cal
  20. random comment I saw on youtube lmfaooo

    1. bighossf150


      Birdman is that type of nigga that counts like this - wan, tu, tree, fo, fah, si, sehm, eigh, nah, te....ya finished or y'all done

    2. tdsa23
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