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My Christmas Tree Sound system - Complete with SMD VU-Din "Musical" LED light string :D MERRY Bass-mas!

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Nicely done... Gives the tree a nice Basshead touch... Let me know if you are willing to part with any of the VU-Dins...


2010 Chevy  HHR Panel (Work in progress)

Pioneer AVHX-5800BHS

McLaren MLM880's and MLT2's 2ea per door on a DC 175.4

Two DC Audio M4 Level 5 15's On A DC5K

Alt CES 200/270+

4ea Banks of Maxwell 2.7v 3000f caps for a total of 2000f

1ea XS 3100 and 2ea NSB FT170 Batts for 450+ah 

Not a HUGE build but here it is... DC Audio HHR Build


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Wow Steve.., you just put the "Fabulous" in "Getto-Fabulous"! Rock that shit!! Merry Christmas to all from the Desert (Rest easy.., I got your Back)!

n8ball2013, on 19 Dec 2014 - 02:33 AM, said:

man seeing that dollar sign fucking hurt my feelings. they didnt cover it black out windows or add lube even

My wife didn't like Decaf..

Until she sat on my subwoofer.

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That's friggin great

750??! Yeah, fuck that. Fuck this website, fuck SMD, fuck Steve, fuck all of his butt buddy mods, and their couches.


Team Subsonic Lows

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One branch a clipping!




Pioneer P99RS
Ampere 3800
2-Ampere 125/4
4-6.5 inch Hertz HSK XL Mids
4-8 inch JL Audio ZR Midwoofer

2-5.25 Satori Mids
2-Morel Tweeters, 2 Hertz Milles 3 inch on A pillars
2-Hertz Silk tweeters
DC Audio Level 5/12
Skyhigh Wire
Mechman 320
XS Power D3100

MO Funniest Thread of the Year 2013: http://www.stevemead...dy-being-a-pos/

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