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I am and it's gonna be a good one! I'm pretty conflicted with who I think is going to win. On one hand since switching trainers, Cotto has been really impressive! Its like he's taken it to a completely different level. On the other hand, you have the young bull who's gained so much from his fight/loss with Mayweather and has been impressive as well. Gun to my head, I'm taking Canelo, but I think its gonna be close!

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If Cotto wants to win he will have to Ko Canelo. he has the power to do it if Canelo makes a mistake. Canelo was not impressive after mayweathers fight. He actually lost his next fight against a Cuban who used mayweathers fighting skill( which he was robbed from)So if cotto plays it smart the fight will be his but don't let the judges choose the winner because they will choose for whoever is going to sell more tickets for the next fight.. For me Canelo still has a lot to learn. He cant fight against defensive players and he got lucky the judges scored in his favor

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If Canelo brings it cotto is down by the 6th round. But cotto has a good chance of winning if he stays away from the punches.. I checked Canelos fights. he had a draw with a guy with the now record of 5-20-7 most his losses came in by kos so why couldn't Canelo knock him out? Out of his 47 fights 37 are losing records. The other 10 are old fighter who were on their way out. 2 fights he lost against defensive fighters and the only noticeable win was with Kirkland. not saying Canelo sucks just saying if cotto fights Canelo fight he will get knocked out. That's all Canelo is good for

I still favor Canelo but he has lots to prove to become one of the great

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Boxing is dead.......


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