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DC Audio lvl 5 m3 T/S specs

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Since everyone is in an uproar about DC not posting T/S for what's essentially a custom or spl/demo sub, I took the time to help Rusty out. That being said IM POSTING what I have. So don't start asking what if...... Questions. It's a Reference for some and may help others. I'm testing a d1 m3 lvl 5 15 with cf cone and cap, and a m3 lvl 5 12d1 with just a cf cap, both stock spider packs. Fell free to comment away until I post tonight. Both will have 2 hours free air breakin time at 20-30hz to loosen spiders to get a better and more accurate results

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Thank you Jeff

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sorry to bring up an old thread! but does this mean that the lvl won't be the best choice of DC audio gear to use in a 4th order? From what i was reading, the lvl 4 12 would be best? i was really looking forward to using 1 lvl 5 instead of 2 lvl 4's to save space in my car =(

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