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So we got PS4, the Uncharted Edition, and I was like ok cool. I really didn't think I'd be playing it much. But after going through the first one, and my girls watching me do it and calling shit out, it's become a family deal. "We" finished #1 and now I'm going through #2 and I'm loving every second of it!!!

I wonder though, how much am I loosing out by not getting all the treasures?

I'm enjoying just figuring out where to go, and using the hints on the game, but is there something that you all can recommend that would help me get the treasures etc? I found a couple of things online, but there's a lot of videos, and the reading doesn't always seem to follow the game well. Hard to watch a video and play at the same time. LOL

Anyway, I love this game.

What other games are out there like it? Suggestions?

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Uncharted is a epic game. My fav on ps by far.

Love the game play ,humor, and puzzles are fun.

Nathan is the shit ;)

You like that, I agree. Sniff put The Last of Us. It's similar.

Sooo stoked for the new uncharted.

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What do you mean you can't look at them all?

My understanding is the uncharted 4 in the bundle is a beta version. The actual release is next month sometime.

Probably cuz he will sit and play em all back to back to back. Lol

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I'm watching the Last of Us videos now, and I'm all excited!!!

I'm also looking at The Last of Us: Left Behind, which looks like another part to it. Like another downloadable chapter. That shit doesn't make sense to me, hard to follow some of that. The downloads I mean. Like is it something they decided to write after the game was already out, or was it already done, or the idea was done and it's to make more money.

Same with the Last of Us Standard Edition vs the Remastered edition. Is that just Standard was on PS3, and the Remastered was altered and finer tuned for PS4?

I don't know, they look bad ass!!!

I can't wait to get it. I may wait though, just so I can finish Uncharted before jumping to this.

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