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ZV5 18/15 or NSV3 18/15 for new build?

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Hello there guys, the tittle is pretty much my question..

i'm upgrading next month and i am stuck between the two subs.

since i am across the pond in the UK, we really have only 1 legit distributor of sundown audio(Wayne from Hz Audio UK), the rest are a joke, with old stock, and overpriced..
I first saw the ZV5 for 850 English pesos,and was absolutely in love, but then i saw the NSV3 for 10 English pesos cheaper across the range, and that's when i got lost, isn't the NSV3 better? if so then, why is it cheaper?and there seems to be no thread on ZV5 vs NSV3 whatsoever.

i'm probably going to have either a 15 or 18, not sure yet! the box will be slot ported ~6-7.5cu.ft tuned between ~25-30hz

The NSV3 should theoretically be better? its weirdly got a wider but shorter magnet,yet stands taller than the ZV5, and i heard they both share the same VC and cone assembly.

i'm planning to put 5-8k regardless of which sub, my priority is lows and SQ

What are your thoughts ? really appreciate any help :)

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Is that for one sub or two?

If one and that much power, to be safe I would do the Nsv3

yes just one sub, thanks for the input!

they do use the same voice coil and spider so its the same power handling theoretically

i am thinking its probably better to get the night shade but still not sure..either way i know the nsv3 can both take 5k on a daily, as joavanni showed with his scv5500 and 2x xs7500 so its not that much

also found this prototype 15 sub thats for half the price,maybe a pair of them would be better, fs 31hz, xmax 25mm each way, 4" flat would 8 layer VC,rated at 3.5k and a big ass booty, not much else in terms of specs as of yet, pic below


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Not bashing sundown what so ever but can you get other brands in your area?

The two subs are really really similar except for the motors basically. Choosing one or the other would result in too similar of an output for me to choose.

Sundown has been posting teaser pics of the NSv4, thats what I'm waiting on honestly.

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I'm almost positive they are the same sub nsv3 weighs 9 pounds more tho according to Amazon. I plan to upgrade my zv4s to zv5s due to price

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      i will be running the stock alt for now (130a) thinking about getting a mechman later on. 
      1-xs power d3400r for the front 
      1-xs power xp3000 for the back
      with that im hoping to supply a skar rp2000.1 and possibly a sk100.4
      already stated what i have for mids n highs
      a single zvx15 ported @ 33hz   or 2- evl12s @ 32hz (i know go with the 2 12s more cone area.. but idk something about having a 15..)
      will be all sky high wiring and sound deadening (had some left over knu deadening from prior build that i put on the front doors.)
      big 3 of course w/ 1/0 
      and im sure there will be more as we go on. theres always more lol
      so what you think? just something simple for daily. my old lady is giving me a budget of 3k  lol less is better tho. any recommendations, suggestions, comments, thoughts, some schooling would be grrreat! 
      heres a simple box design i was messing around with on torres and sketchup. 4cu ft after all displacements including fiberglass. tuned @ 33hz. will be 3- 4" aero's  


      thats it haha sorry didnt get a chance to get any pics of the speakers. i will next time around when i open up the door panels again. same for the rear deck. thanks guys... 
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      Hello all!  New to the forum, but have followed for a long time of course.
      I am in need of help with creating a ported enclosure for a single nsv3 12
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      Hi, i'm designing a box for my zv5 15", i've do a project with google sketchup but i don't know if my design is good or not(i leave the google sketch project). I've do my project Seeing this video:
      box parameters:
      net cu.ft= 4,25cu.ft
      tuning freq=32hz
      W(28,74") - H(21,5") - D(20,75")=OUTER DIMENSIONS
      driver displacement= 0.25 cu.ft
      port displacement= 1,57 cu.ft
      port dimension = W(3,4") - H(20") - LENGTH(33.6")(carstereo.com)
      my question is: IS GOOD THIS TUTORIAL?IN WINISD THE PROJECTS CHANGES (the port length is different on winisd)   For this reason I am doubtful on my design. Can you eventually crete your own design if my box is not good?  
      1x sundown zv5 15.skp
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