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  1. thread has 11 pages 71% of the content posted is all from OP I want to see this video of no flex. Whatever magical metal they are making his kia roof out of I want it now
  2. Who has a good entry level Sub

    Budget? Single SA 12 will surprise plenty
  3. pretty sure dude man was trying to sell that box with the six 8's for $4.5k Also how tf does that happen? Stolen from the warehouse? why don't you have cameras? If its stolen from his home then it was deliberate to him. Pretty sure there would have been something nicer and more appealing for a thief to steal.
  4. Hope it doesn't have any skid marks on it
  5. Am I the only one who missed this?
  6. shouldn't have laughed at this
  7. Yeah I was there. Didn't get to give out a single demo :/ I just tried to see if you have a build to see if I got a demo from you. Couldn't find it :/
  8. The dude who owns that. Rob, such a nice guy. Saved my ass big time when my car took a shit in NC at the sundown show. The work that is done on that thing. Especially the way he mounted his subs... its nuts.