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  1. Lots of factors will determine how long you'll be able to play. Also consider your amp too.
  2. All cars are different. You're using x's so if you tune low like you should but your cabin peaks high then you're going to be sol on the meter (more than likely). I'd rather be able to hair trick over higher DB's any day. I could honestly give two shits what I meter. 99% of the time someone hears my system they don't believe me its only one 12. Its fuggin lovely
  3. Mitchaford

    Bigger amp less load ?

    If you're happy with how the setup performs currently then I'd put the money in better electrical. What kind of batteries do you have?
  4. Hook it up. Wire to 1ohm as you should and just watch that voltage. Tune conservatively. With that amp you can really some current so have the gain low until you can give that amp what it really needs. I have a d3400 up front. Its a great battery. Your second or third battery should be a group 31 or similar depending on how much room you have to work with in that second location.
  5. Mitchaford

    Glue cracking at former/spider

    Well then that crosses that out. Could you have been bottoming out the sub at all? possibly the coil hitting the back plate, pushing it up and to pull away from the spiders. Making a stress point and crack. Or the glue may not have set correctly. Any air bubbles in the bead would cause for a weak point.
  6. Mitchaford

    Glue cracking at former/spider

    Winter does that sometimes.
  7. Mitchaford

    Threaded inserts for SMD big reds

    Ok thanks guys! Just want to make sure everything is tight and fastened down. Sub has a bit of weight on it, can’t take a risk
  8. Does anyone have/use threaded inserts with the SMD big red self tappers? I can order online I’m sure but if they are at Home Depot/ Lowe’s then even better. Ive been swapping subs with the same box. I don’t want the holes to get too get too worn down. Probbaly should have done this in the first place.
  9. Mitchaford

    Which subwoofer

    Have a few more options than that skar. They're nothing to write home about imo.
  10. Mitchaford

    Which subwoofer

    Sundown E-series has my vote. You could also just do one sub around that $300 range and it would more than likey be around that 1k rms area. I'm a big fan of hard-hitting single sub setups. Really depends on what your end goal is. As for those w6's. They are nice subs, just pretty expensive. Are they in a sealed enclosure or ported? If ported, what is the tuning?
  11. Mitchaford

    Question on how powerful I can go (stock electrical)

    I ran 4k on a stock alt but not stock batteries. All batteries were agm, group 34 in the front, and two group 31's in the rear. Running off just batteries and no real HO alt is not for me. Voltage was at a dead stop at 12.8v, basically hit a wall and I had to really clip to dip into the 11s but that is not happy voltage for my equipment imo.
  12. Mitchaford

    Question on how powerful I can go (stock electrical)

    At 2ohms you will be fine. Tune clean. Get a voltmeter.
  13. I like GP personally. Never had a bad experience with them with anything I've ordered. I think where people draw some dislike is from possible false claims about certain equipment. *subs that can take 50kw no problem* type of talk. 99% sure their alts are fully sourced and not made by them. I've seen builds with their alts doing big things. No hate on my end, I just think its opinion honestly. Headunit is fine. not the issue. My CT knobs go off prematurely. We tested my buddies DD knob and it did the same. They're not the end all be all obviously. Its not the box that would be causing the clipping, I just thought that the box could be too big/small for the sub. If you have a box that is too small, it will take more power for the sub to reach its mechanical limits Larger boxes tend to be more efficient but will take less power to reach the mechanical limits. Its all about the pressure. Smaller box = more pressure. Larger box = less pressure. Also the tuning and port area plays a big roll in that. If the box is tuned too high or too low, you could be missing out on a bunch of bass. Your box 80% of your sound. Seeing that the box you have isn't really big enough for that frankenwoofer you have, if you can mount the sub inverted then you'd get more airspace in the box. I just don't want you to spend money if you don't need to. A proper box will make a world of difference in your sound.
  14. GP isn't very popular here Just a matter of opinion most likely. If you're only going off the clip indicator on the knob then I'll go ahead and tell you now, its not super accurate. What is the headunit you're using? Are you monitoring your voltage while you play music? I definitely think you should upgrade you're electrical but I just think there is another issue because a weak electrical is easy to blame. Could also be your box.