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  1. glad thats not my daughter.
  2. We will see tomorrow. I'll load the sub in and wire everything later tonight and then test at the show tomorrow. Just waiting on glue to dry right now. Leaving tomorrow at about 4 or 5 am to make it to the sundown show around 10-11.
  3. Not sure why it doesn't look straight in this picture but I assure you, it's straight.
  4. This is most likely the final look of the starter battery. Might add one more ground if I get the time. Took out the old box. Doesn't look too bad
  5. New sub = new box This is what DLhgn and Triticum came up with It's about 50% of the way there as of right now. I have everything cut but I only have so many clamps. I want to have it done before the sundown show. *correction* I will have it done before the sundown show.
  6. THE ALT IS IN AND WORKING *kinda* The idle pully has is supposed to have two bolts on it. As of right now I can't fit more than one because of the alternator bracket. The belt probably could have been a half inch shorter but its pretty tight as of right now. Other than missing one bolt it works. Initial cold start was reading 14.7 and after it was hot it settled to 14.4. Voltage stayed in the 14's at full tilt. Very happy with that voltage.
  7. voltage change all the time

    That is the best answer you're going to get. My car used to do it when I had my stock alt. The PCM would down my voltage when I would idle at lights. Drop from 14.0 to 13.3. You're on the lucky end of the spectrum. Your voltage is high for a stock alt. I just replaced my alt with a HO one about an hour ago and hot it reads 14.4. So you're reading higher than me and I have an aftermarket alt thats not even PCM controlled anymore.
  8. Good stuff man. I want to see what it meters with both amps going!!
  10. Old (left): 1050ti 4gb New (right): 1060 6gb I wouldn't have bought it because all my spending money is about gone but my friend really needed a new GPU so he's buying that 1050.
  11. There are no dynos of that amp, yet. If there are, I cannot find them on the interwebs. The amp is rated @ 12.8. Do you need the amp to make more/less power than what it says?