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  1. Heat Car Audio 1/0.

    I have not heard of them. That is about $20 or so cheaper than most 50ft spools of 1/0 CCA. Probably a reason for that.
  2. Alright alright before people judge lets just see how he finishes it
  3. Looks just like my car except its a Mercedes and cost $195,000 more.
  4. 3"coiled motor, and parts

    uhh bit of an older post but I have an AA Mayhem motor and a SQ hdc3 motor Both have 12in baskets
  5. Arent the silver ones the older models?
  6. My roommate just said he would suck those toes for $50
  7. I have the iphone 7 so I don't have a headphone jack It came with an adapter and the poopy doopy apple ear buds that go in the lightning charging port. It was really frustrating at first because all my ear buds/headphones were 3.5mm connection. I either had to use the adapter or buy new ear buds. I think they did it too soon. There was an article I read about the possibility of small on-cable mix amps for headphones / ear buds. Using the lightning port connection that could be possible. Which I am all for 100%. Only thing is its been over a year or two since they removed it and I don't see these anywhere. Either the tech hasn't caught up yet or they could be waiting for the change to be reverted witch I am 99% sure this will not happen.