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looking at the specs on them they wouldn't like a bandpass.  but i will say they are in a enclosure that is not good for them.  you are likely having unloading issues.  do they sound nice at low volume but the more it goes up they sound like poop?  with you being at 48 cubes they are beyond the point of being like an IB set up with out any kind of sealed chamber to work off.

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no, bandpass would be no good.  i'm at work away from my tuning programs.  but i'm willing to bet you need to reduce your net volume by about 75%.  get it down to about 12 cubes total.  they are more of a loud speaker then a subwoofer.  look at the freq response. 41-2400hz that is not a sub.  subs generally are 20-500hz range.

what is your amps crossover points set at?  that could be a factor to some extent also.  but i still feel 48 cubes is huge!

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56 minutes ago, chase thiede said:

i want to figure out how to get the most out of these subs


Put them in your house where they belong. Get better 18s and redo your wall. All that room you could easily do more than 2 18s. Or maybe multiple 12s or 15s.

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