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Since my father has passed jan. 18 2008 i have wanted to get a tat...just never got around to it....i gave mbdblue some stuff to work with.....one being the eagle...it had a flower in the middle...my father had an eagle on his left arm....*the reason i wanted one* and he also liked the Cincinnati Bengals as do i....here are pics....just got done about 45 mins ago....here are some crappy pics lol

The tat


The tat Done



I am happy with it.....

i didnt suffer as much pain as my father...so this is to you dad.

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nice tat, great tribute

My father also passed away when i was like 7, he had a panther on his right arm. Gettin one soon as i get some extra cash, with scrolls above and below with in memory of...

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nice tat i recived my first one today


2 AudioQue HDC3 18'' subs

Rockford Fosgate T1 6.5 mids

MMATS 2000.05

XS Power D1200

Knukonceptz 1/0

Pioneer Premier DEH-P490iB

" Shit I can roll a blunt better than those bitches in Havana!"- Uncle Elroy

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looks good bro......

you know he's smiling down at ya..... God Bless.....


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