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Got #'s from my IM/SG, don't have excel to input them into

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I need a favour from someone who has the ability to punch some numbers into Excel for me to get some T/S numbers for a sub i have.

I followed Tony's video to the T and i got myself some #'s for my Stereo Integrity HST-15 mkII.

I don't have Excel on my computer and don't want to pay $80 to get MS Word and don't feel like chancing a downloading of something that might have a bug in it.

Here are the numbers i got in order as seen in the video above

Cone diameter - 12.25"

DC resistance - 0.8 ohms (coils in parallel)

IM/SG Probe resistance - 0.14 ohms

IM/SG connected to driver max. impedance - 18.6 hz  & 16.4 ohms

@ 7.7 ohms below - 14.6 hz

@7.7 ohms above - 22.8 hz

Weight added - 190.3g (master lock and small dab of blue tack)

Peak impedance with weight - 16.1 hz & 15.3 ohms


Pretty sure that's all the data required, if i missed anything let me know and i'll get it

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You might have to tweak your low and high frequency @ impedance measurements as the calculator wants you to use at 3.662 ohms vs the 8.7 ohms you were using

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Just dropped the digits into winisd pro and . . . . . :unknw:


Getting a QTS,QMS,QES  consistency error, sure looks to me like input the correct numbers in the right input fields, no?

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