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05 Silverado first build - dual Orion 15's

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Seems like I been working on this all summer. Bought this truck new back in 2005 and had a decent system in it for the longest time. I was going to finally get rid of the truck last year and I gutted the entire audio system and sold it off. A bunch of crap happened to me and my wife so I ended up keeping the truck for at least another year.

Quickly missing my bass I decided to rebuild the truck with a much louder setup. Unfortunately I had a lot hiccups along the way. I only found this forum till after I started having issues in the build. Got a few things that still want to change and redo after learning the hard way. 

This is whats been installed in the truck so far.
(2) Orion HCCA152 15" 
(2) Orion XTR2500.1Dz
Mechman 370A 
XS Power D3400
(2) XS Power XP3000
Cerwin Vega V465C 6.5-Inch Comp Kick Panel
Blaupunkt GTx462 4x6 Rear Doors
Rockford Fosgate T2652-S T2 Power 6.5-Inch Comp Front Doors
Orion XTR500.4 XTR
Rockford Fosgate P300X2


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First problem I ran into was building the box. I used the calculator from RE audio. Using that thing the ports came out way too big. I had to modify them to make them smaller. I believe the box is tuned around 34 hz now but without exact measurements it's just a guess. I was originally going for 32. Seperate chambers with approximately volume of 4.6 cu ft.


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I really want to redo the enclosure. I learned a few things that I just didn't plan for. First is just the size and weight of the equipment. My old 12's while heavy I could pull that box out of the back by myself. I built this under the same idea that I could just take this box out and move it into my next vehicle lol. Experience is priceless.

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to me the port looks way to small.  but if you are wanting to make it where you can move the box 1 option is to remove subs and then move box of take the chance and build 2 "identical" boxes 1 for each sub.  

if me I would make 1 big box and just remove subs to move box.  how I do it now with my kia soul.  

PPI dbl din
DC Level 3
1.77cubes net tuned to 33htz.
DC audio 2.0k
CT Pro Audio 8" in front, 6.5 in rear


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The port openings are 2" x 23" and the box does sound good for the most part. It really likes lows below 30hz but when listening to metal I really need to play with eq and level to bring out heavy hitting double bass. 

This being my first box I ever built I tried to keep it simple. I really don't even do any carpentry work so i'm happy with it for the most part. In the process of moving from MA to KY so things gonna be on hold for a little bit before I can build a new box.

Made some heavy duty brackets over the weekend to secure the box more permanently. I can get rid of that ghetto red strap now. Also put the trim back on the rear pillars and painted the battery boxes.

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Alrite so was gonna build a new box but got stoned and creative instead. Ripped out the center chamber divide and opened the port a little.  Nice difference in output from before. Unfortunately I can tell its tuned in the upper 20's and those subs aren't really designed for those lows. But for now gonna keep it in that box till I get the bug to rebuild. 



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Ask Joe X or Triticum Agricolam and they can probably design a box that is exactly what you will want, if you plan on keeping that gear.  Otherwise looks good.  As long as it sounds good to you

2007 Chevy Tahoe

12 ~ FI Audio X series 10" w/BP option

2 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @0.67

3 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @1.0 

2 ~ PPI 3 way sets (not installed yet)

1 ~ RF T400-4, 1 ~ RF T600-2, 1 ~ RF T600-4

4 ~ CT Sounds 5.25" Strato comps  (rear fill only)

1 ~ XS Power D4800

1 ~ XS Power D3400

8 ~ XS Power XP3000

160 stock alt, Mechman 370 Elite, 185 DC Power

320+ Sq. Ft. Sound Deadener

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/knfjdkghjudfhsgkjdhf/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=0

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