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Strapping amps... Quick question

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Im currently running 2 fi ssd 12s off a soundqubed 2250... Their d1, wired @ 1ohm. I know that amp is strappable, and that its says x amount of power @ 2ohm strapped. So would i need d2's in order to add another Amp and strap the amps? Just wire the subs up at 2 ohm to the master and connect the slave? That's what i get from it but figured id ask 

Rebuild in progress...

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^^^^^^^What he said 

2002 trailblazer 4 runs of 1/0

7 beyma pro6wnd 1 Beyma 8in per door.2 Sundown Sa v2 tweets and 2 Beyma 3in full range in the dash

14 banks of blue Maxwells, 

Dual Singer large case 370 hairpins 

mids amps dual  American bass Pro 3ks 

Sundown Sae 50.4 for 3in Fr and tweets

sub amp: 2 sundown SCV7500ds at .5 each 

Subs: 2 18in Sundown NSv4s in a 6th order

Dbdrag 156.5 @ 26hz 

Usaci 160.1 @ 36hz 

MECA 158.56 @34hz 

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Yes gain match


Think about it? What benefit are you getting from strapping?


Your minimum lowest impedance doubles, and yeah while you have one on board control, which on the surface seems convenient, in reality it's detrimental. Now you can't independently control phase output. But I  see your particular amps don't even  have phase adjustment. But there is another issue that is out of your control when strapping. And that is "even" output or gain from each amp. While if both amps where built with literal cloned components that had 0.0001% tolerance, then you'd be fine strapping and being confident the gain would be the same, but unfortunately this is not the case, and components with such tight tolerance do not even exist.


I believe the tightest tolerance I've seen in electrical components was 0.05% and even that much variation in tolerance will cause different output from each amp when controlled in concert from one amps on board controls.


So best to gain match any way you look at it. Hell given the fact you where possibly going to have to buy new subs just to do it would be reason enough alone to ditch strapping.


If you do buy another amp, a 2250 say, I'm sure after rise it will take .5 ohm mono each. And if not just jump up to the 4.5k version. The Oney you saved in buying new subs will offset the cost

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