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  1. Kinda basic but im going from slot, to 2 4" aeros, to 1 6" and im hoping to be content with this box so im going all out with bracing, looks, and sealing it up. Question is, if the port has to be a few inches external how should i seal around it? Just a nice bead of titebond inside n out?
  2. Im currently running 2 fi ssd 12s off a soundqubed 2250... Their d1, wired @ 1ohm. I know that amp is strappable, and that its says x amount of power @ 2ohm strapped. So would i need d2's in order to add another Amp and strap the amps? Just wire the subs up at 2 ohm to the master and connect the slave? That's what i get from it but figured id ask
  3. Right, thanks I'll give it a try. How much power are you giving it? Sorry, 60+ pages is a lot to read thru.
  4. Right. But I found your Torres sheet in your thread and typed it in myself. I can't seem to get anywhere near .75 net tuned to 35hz myself... Waiting on an amp before I build my box but it would be awesome to have a box design ready. Mine will basically be like yours but rear facing
  5. I just bought a m3 8 and am in need of a box design. Your dimensions would fit my trunk perfectly. Would you be willing to post a design, or a cut/build sheet?
  6. Some "tester" homemade fireball... I know fireball is for pussy's lalala. Well its fuckn delicious. Dont like payn $30 for a 1.75 of 66 proof whisky so I took some 80 proof whisky, cinnamon sticks and syrup... $15 80 proof cinnamon whisky!!!
  7. led strips from partsexpress. working on it boss thanks I sold the 9ks a while ago. Plan on getting a pair of 10ks soon... God damn! This is nasty!!! Wish I could hear something like this in person
  8. I cannot wait to see some builds with the new Zs and Xs. Throw a box together for one of them now!!!
  9. Sorry if I missed it but whats the mounting depth on that 12? And do you happen to know that it will be on the 18?
  10. Man those are beautiful. Im pretty satisifed with my sa's but they seem like kids toys compared to these now. Those Z's are straight beast tho, Even compared to the X's. Cant wait to see the NS's but my next subs are pry going to be the Zs. Their nuts! Hopefully they dont rape my pockets... got 4 kids
  11. Ive been told 2 4" aeros is a little under recommended port area . So 2 2.5's is definatley not enough
  12. Holy f***, That thing is just nasty. Hopefully I can upgrade from my SA 12s down the road... Insane man
  13. Do you have any T line designs for 2 12" SA's, I think fs is like 28-29. Max dimensions 40" W, 30" D, 18" T... Or do you think itd be possible with that amount of space. Id rather pay a little for a design than try to wrap my head around this concept in a short amount of time
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