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While driving yesterday I think I managed to blow the coil in my T2 right door 6.5 woofer. I just had the time to check it this afternoon and did some troubleshooting.


1. Tested wires and connections with a different speaker | everything sounds fine so amp is a-okay

2. Cut and crimped on new connections to make sure that wasn't the issue from corrosion | didn't help

3. Tested the T2 woofer and had a reading bouncing between 1k ohms to 0. Should be 4 ohm. 


Cone and surround are in good condition, so all I can assume is either the tinsel leads were heated up and melted solder, becoming loose. Or I straight up burnt my coil windings....

- I noticed the tinsel leads that showed up on the terminal were somewhat loose and could be moved around their circular hole, more-so on the positive side than negative.



When I was troubleshooting I could put some pressure on the negative terminal and it would start to play again but very quietly, with almost no bass.

- (I had disabled tweeters / subs and shifted balance all the way to the right so only that speaker was playing). 



So tldr: blew T2 Component 6.5 woofer, wondering if repairing would be an option or if I should look into getting a new set of 6.5s (~100-150 rms)

-For reference I bought these July, 2018 so about 2 years and a couple months old.


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Sounds like its shot.  Did you push the driver in to see if it moves easy and noise free?  Blown coils will make a gritty unsmooth sound and movement.  2 years isn't very long,  I have been running my hard for 5-6 years.  I use to torcher the system when it was done and a few years after.  Now i just try to make it sound as good as possible and still get loud.

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