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It has been nearly 3 years since I last posted on my Camaro build (wow time flies).  I decided in my boredom (eff you COVID) that I would make some changes and add some speakers and fix some things.  Sooooo, I decided to replace the rear speakers (I left the stock in place originally).  Since its just the rear deck for fill mostly, I decided on coaxial speakers and thought I try RF T1s.  I also will add some speakers to the side panels in the rear (same RF T1s).  So I bought 2 pair.  Time to get to work!



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Fabbed up some speaker wires.  I originally tapped the rear speakers for speaker level input to a JL Audio Cleansweep.  So, all I have is rear speaker output, which normally is fine.  However, I cannot fade from to back doing it this way, nor can I hear the turn signal noise or use bluetooth for phone calls since they use the front speakers.


I will fix that using these speaker cables.  There are 3 pairs of wires in each, 1 pair will take audio back to the Cleansweep, the other 2 pair will send signal back to speakers.  Its clugey, but whatever.


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Finally all out.  you cant see, but on the right side under the ground wires there is WATER DAMAGE on the birch ply.  Going to dealer next week to see the "water doctor" to see if he can diagnose (I cant find any smoking gun)


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