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What am I doing wrong


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I have tried and tried multiple enclosures and 2/3 15s I never can quite seem to get past 147db on a musical build.  Just built a new enclosure for 3 Fi ssds at 11.25 cubic feet and still can hit much past 145 on music.  Running a crescendo bc6k on 3 Fi ssds.  Here is a clip on YouTube 


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Most people chasing numbers are tuned higher I've heard but I don't chase numbers I chase not being able to breathe 

06 Charger

Pioneer double din

Pioneer 6.5 and 6×9's

Knukoncept Krystal kable rca's

0 ga knukoncept kolossus wire 

Big 3 same wire ^ 1 run 

8g karma ss speaker wire

Sundown sia 3500d at 1ohm

2 Sundown U series 12's

Duralast platinum agm H7 (Main)

Xs power d3400

Trying to find a ho alt



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11.25 with out displacement could become 7 with port, bracing, and subs accounted for.  My box is a hair under 10 before and 7.5 after tuned to 36. The lower the hrz the longer the port, and the more space gets eaten. 

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