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Ok, question. I’ve been searching to no avail.

i recently bought an eclipse cd4000 deck. Installed it, didn’t power on and shorted a fuse in my Tahoe. Dude said he had another one. I told him to send me a video of it working. The video showed it light up, open, take cd then eject cd with 2 different cd’s. I grabbed that one and installed it. Come to find out, it’s esn locked with no knowledge of what or where the cd key is. Essentially I have a paper weight. I have been working on my Tahoe for years. (Modestly) I’m on disability so other than playing guitar, drums, bass, piano. Car audio is still in my blood and it’s a passion of mine. I paid dude 40 for the deck. (Don’t have much money-disability is only so much) all Fujitsu Eclipse places that used to reset these problems no longer do it. I’ve called many and got the, “we no longer do that” or “sorry, wish I could help” this went on for most of yesterday after installing. By any chance, does anyone in here know of a way to have the esn unlocked anymore? It’s not stolen as far as I know.. just always wanted one of these decks since they came out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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IIRC there should be 3 pins/solder points in a row behind the oval slot on the chassis bottom of the cd player.

Then there should be 2 circle cutouts in the chassis that are close to the oval cutout, one of these circles will show empty circuit board and the other will have a pin/solder joint.
You take a piece of wire and jump the middle pin from the oval cutout to the pin of the circle cutout and this should reset the radio and the esn feature back to default settings.

I remember the radio needs to be hooked up to power but don't remember if the radio needs to be physically turned on or not. so I would try it with key on radio turned off first and if that doesn't work try key on with radio powered on.
****Disclaimer, I'm not sure if this works for all models or not, but it worked for mine that I had back in the early 2000s, with different models they may have changed which pin to use so theoretically it could be a combination of any 2 pins of the 4 if they changed the method on different models (I honestly don't know on other models), I just know that is how it was for mine which was not a cd-4000 model and I'm not responsible for any damages!****

That being said if the person you bought it from showed you that it works, then that would mean that they set the ESN with a CD that they owned, and as soon as the power was disconnected from their vehicle it would need to have the CD entered that they setup the ESN with. Luckily you don't need the same physical CD that they used, it would just take buying a new CD oh which they used. So for example if they used Dr. Dre The Chronic and you own that same album your CD would work just fine to bypass it.



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Thanks for the advice. However, I have been told not to do that on this model. Who knows. 
he showed a video to me of it accepting a cd and ejecting a cd. It will do that now in my truck. He has no idea what the key cd is. 
just found a working cd3000

for 40 + 16 shipping. Ordered that shit just now!

thanks again!

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Well if you ordered a new one, and not sending this one back to him then you might as well try it because you have nothing to lose really, but if you do send it back it's going to be useless to him as well because without the unlock it wont even work in the vehicle it came out of, either way it is a paper weight to anyone without being unlocked. I would be curious to know why that the trick doesn't work with that one as well because if you were told this then there must be a reason behind that! After all that is how Eclipse unlocked them!!

Hopefully the new one is not esn locked too!!



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