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Multi dsp + tri amping surround components.


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I'm currently planning on installing a dm-608 and dm-810, I am also moving up from a t400x4ad to two 400x4ad's and a t1000x5ad so i will have 12 channels surround to power the two sets of Focal flax evo 3 ways and also the 600w sub channel that will run a p3sd4-8 (at 8 ohm) I am running the t750x1bd to a t1s1-12 and a t2500x1bdCP to a T2s1-16. 


I have decided to run front and sub line level from the deck to the dm-810 then, using the first 400x4 and 2 surround channels and the sub channel of the 1000x5. The 2 remaining outputs from the 810 will pass sub channel on to the 608 and then the rear line level goes directly from the deck to the 608 which will feed the the remaining 2 surround channels from the 1000x5 and the other 400x4 to the rear with the last 2 810 outputs going to the t2500x1 and t750x1. This will hopefully give me time alignment on all 15 channels, and eq to all channels, and a separate bass knob for the 8 and 12/16


My first question,

Is this the right way to run the 2 dsp's to 5 amps/15 speakers?


Second question, 

Can anyone help me to find a good process to make sure the components are all getting the correct power so I'm not blowing anything? Is it just math on the voltage vs ohms? Or do I need to dyno each channel? I'm unsure of the best method. I assume everything but the 16 and the 6.5s  are at risk.


Thanks in advance, 











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