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Ascendant Audio Chevy Astro - Project MAYHEM

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Hey guys.

Been doing this build since way back in December 2007. I thought it be about the right time to start a build thread.

Being the UK/EU Rep for Ascendant Audio, Fi Car Audio, XS Power, Powermaster, KnuKonceptz we saw it only fit to make something to challenge ourselves..

We had a bunch of ideas initially and I started on a relatively small scale of equipment which grew, grew and grew! Scott made me do something I didn't even think was possible but I'm not one to bow out of a challenge although looking back at it I would think twice about doing it again!

Went through 10-15 different designs, ported walls, clams, bandpass's etc.. nothing was looking easy.. Measured things over and over till we knew for certain what we had to play with. With the design in mind I went ahead and drew it up in Sketch and worked out the volumes etc.. along with working out the tuning points for the rear chamber. We had a nice healthy 110cuft before anything was placed inside the 50mm thick shell.. tunnel taking out around 25cuft add to that the subs, braces, subs and we have a good 6.3-6.5 per driver.

Before I begin with the pics I need to say a huge thank you to Scott @ Fi, he doesn't need any introduction the man is a legend in my eyes. Thanks also to the other people who have been involved in the creation of this build, in no particular order, Mike at CAD (SPL Dynamics), Scottie Johnson, Nick Morgan, Marshall Joyner, Edward Preston, Russ Taylor, Bill Greenberg and my other half.. who has been very understanding with the 1000s of hours spent on the build. OK enough with the Oscar winning speech..

Kit list,


Alpine IVA-D300R

Alpine PXA-H701

Alpine KCA-420i

Apple iPod Classic (v5) 80GB

Audio Control Epicenter

Lanzar DA-6

2x SPL Dynamics S6004 4CH Amplifiers (mids and highs) 4x 250wrms @ 2Ohms

12x SPL Dynamics S2000D monoblock (subs) 1x 2000wrms @ 1Ohms

6 pairs of Ascendant Audio Havoc components (12 mids, 12 tweeters)

12x Ascendant Audio 18" Mayhem Series subs (D2)

10x XS POWER D3100 Batterys

2x Powermaster 350A SPL Alternators

Build materials

7x Second Skin Audio Damplifier Pro (147 sheets and 252sq.ft)

4 sheets of Loudboy matting, the 4mm stuff

70m of KnuKonceptz 1/0 Fleks Power cable

10m of knuKonceptz 4AWG Fleks Power cable

120m of KnuKonceptz 8AWG Speaker cable (subs)

80m of KnuKonceptz Twisted Smoke 16AWG Speaker cable (mids and highs)

4x KnuKonceptz KARMA SS Series 6m RCAs

14x KnuKonceptz KARMA Series 2m RCAs

20x KnuKonceptz KARMA Series Y-Lead

50 1/0 Ring terminals

15 sheets of 8 x 4' 1" MDF

10ltrs of Polyureathane wood glue

10ltrs of PVA Wood glue

10x 750ml Expanding foam

2000 MDF TITE screws

20m of Box steel

40 ltrs of Resin

20m of Fibreglass matting

4 ltrs of fibreglass paste

4 ltrs of Upol body fillers

Other features

Billet Specialities Steering wheel

Billet collum shifter

Trenz Billet foot pedals

Custom machine Alternator bracket

Air bag support rear suspension

Copper Buss bar

Posted Image

Van upon collection

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


First job was to strip out the interior and get the sound deadening going. Thanks to Mike @ Caraudiodirect.com for the Second Skin Audio matting!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


UK/European Distributors

Ascendant Audio

Fi Car Audio

XS Power



Youtube Channel

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subscribed.......watching :D :D

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holy hell 12 18s :) i will for sure be keeping an eye on this one!

Vehicle-2014 Ford Fusion on 20" cruiser alloy obsessions
Subs-4 8" sundown audio E8v3

Sub Amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 1200.1
box-2.8cubes after all dis tuned to 32hz 4" aero
Mids and highs-2 sets of Memphis PR 6.5 components

Mids amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 800.4
Deck-Factory Integration
40sqft of damplifier Pro



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im speechless. this will be the most impressive system i have ever seen.


Club 150 (15x.x)


Future Build:

1x 15" T3 TSNS

2x Sundown Audio SAZ3000d Parellel strapped

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