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So here's a list of my new PC parts....

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Why are you deleting your replies bro....... I understand your just stating your opinions, and that is cool with EVERYONE here! Dont get upset cause I might jump all over it, that is my job :give_rose: . I might take this PC stuff way to personal, I just cant stand it when a person is stating a false statement, and then the OP might believe it, and therefore misleading him. Not that you did, so dont take that personally.......OK!

I love my staffie :good:

So anti FACEBOOK it isn't even funny

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Hey Fish,

Some advice. Don't base your reviews off the reseller's site, sometimes ppl who post on newegg are completely retarded.

Also I think you went with the wrong setup. For the price of that processor, I would have gone with a AMD Phenom II X4 955 and some amd or nvidia chipset mobo.

The reason I would advise AM3 over socket 775, is because amd is doing stuff with it whereas intel is just phasing it out.

But anyways nonetheless, your setup will be faster than an average persons computer.

Good choice on the psu, seasonic designs some nice stuff.

An for that ram to work at 1066, I hope you know that you have OC to achieve that.




You know, I agree with you on most of this. AM3 is the better choice over skt775, I did try to get fishy to get into a Core i7 setup over the phone a few days ago, really was only about 275$ more in hardware, but he really wasn't interested. I also explained that Corei5 comes out Sept 8th, and a Corei5 750 would be light years better then a 775 Core2quad. Still I guess he wasn't interested. Regardless, he is still doing a MAJOR UPGRADE from what he is currently using in every aspect, so let him run with it.

I love my staffie :good:

So anti FACEBOOK it isn't even funny

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First off, thank you for the link to that XFX graphics card. Fixing to order that in the next few minutes.

And about the i7........

It's like this; I already have ended up spending a LOT more than I had planned to, on a new PC. I don't think I'll regret it. However, where does one draw the line when buying PC parts ? I mean, Only $275 more for this, and $100, more for that, and $200 more for this, all to get the latest, greatest, most bad ass stuff on the market...... but wait, that would be, the latest, greatest, baddest stuff > this month < then next month they come out with something later, greater, and even badder.

Okay, so I could have waited, and got that instead, but of course that is going to cost even more.

Granted, I could wait until that latest, greatest stuff comes out next month (if my old, worn out Dinosuar PC lives that much longer) and then get a better deal on the "not quite latest, greatest stuff I just bought"....... but then this stuff is going to be even lower on the list of latest, greatest PC builds.

Let me just put it this way, I'm sitting in front of a 7 year old factory built Dell PC, with 512mb of RAM, and an Integrated Graphics card. It doesn't even have a DVD drive (two CD drives, and one was faulty out of the box ) ......a couple of the USB ports were faulty from the start too (Oh... 1.0 USB ports). Could have returned it under warranty.... but lived with it as it was for 7 years.

Put it this way, this PC was "not" the latest, greatest 7 years ago, so where does that put it now ? Doh ! :)

So anyway, I think this new PC build "might be just a tiny bit better" :)

Much thanks again for all of you guys awesome PC knowledge and input.



PS, I was thinking maybe I could sell my old PC as a "valuable, ancient, artifact" for several G's, and then buy a "new room" for all my new PC stuff ? Think it will work ? ;)

Edited by Fish Chris
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dude, the setup your building will be just fine. if your not a gamer or hardcore video editor, the computer your building will be plenty good.

i wanna see pics when you build it


Rockford Fosgate P500-4

SoundQubed HDC415 w carbon fiber cap

2 Rockford Fosagate T1675-S

XS Power D3400 Under Hood

XS Power D5100 in rear

Michael Singer 200A Alt

Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/153901-2012-veloster-update-842013-wall-build-4-15s/

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