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  1. the ILX650 will make you very happy. 6ch 4v outputs, and super snappy when you click on screen, no lag at all. capacitive touch screen is very nice too. Just get the alpine
  2. Ill be installing an Alpine ILX-650 HU in my 2012 ram and of course, like most rams, it has the terrible alpine factory amps/stereo package, so im not buying any of the adapters to retain any of it and replacing all the equipment with aftermarket stuff that i just bought. Anyway, the point of this post is regarding the main wire harness from vehicle to HU that I have. It needs a seperate run of acc power (red wire) and was hoping someone in here has swapped HU's in a 09-18 ram and can tell me where to tap into, to obtain my switched 12v source from, or tell me to just go into the fuse panel,
  3. Very few games now support SLi and you might actually GAIN performance in games by getting rid of the 2nd 2080ti. SLi was such a huge boost of sales and marketing for nvidia a few years after they bought 3DFX, and in 2006 with the launch of the 6800U in PCIe allowed them to bring back the "SLi" name since it was property of 3DFX prior to nvidia buying them out and killing them. Steve, I wouldn't give bad advise.... other then benchmarks like 3dmark, and rendering software coded to use GPU acceleration, and few other niche software programs that can use SLi (some DX12 titles as well) SLi is a
  4. amazon music is fantastic as well.. might want to give it a try. if you are a prime member already, the music service is free. They do offer (in addition) to the regular prime music, a full HD audio option as well. I just have the basic prime music as im a prime member as audio quality is perfect...
  5. looks AWESOME! Captain spaulding made me laugh.. cant lie!
  6. at 38 years old, I just got my 1st one. I have an extreme passion for sharks, and since im a firefighter, I made this happen!! The "3" in the helmet shows my station number where im assigned, the "XF" in the bicep is the initials for my GYM. I think it came out awesome. Going to add water effects and much more to this arm, more or less a full sleeve over time. My tattoo joint is closed now cause this fucking corona BS, once they reopen, the water effects start
  7. As a Sergeant Firefighter and EMT for my local county, i have to be in the middle of this absolutely MEDIA DRIVEN BULLSHIT every 3rd day. Yes, I have been in contact with many people with positive test results for this. Our new protocols for these types of calls is wearing full gown, mask, eye protection..... and ive yet have any signs or symptoms. Here is my take on this: Yes...... there is a virus going around, yes it has a potential to diminish life in elderly people, and people in general POOR HEALTH... SO DOES THE FUCKING FLU, This is so MEDIA DRIVEN, as the media (news ch
  8. Hey guys, need a little help. Is there some kind of adapter I can purchase to adapt my factory backup camera to this HU ( https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_169259_Alpine-ILX-W650.html ) My truck is a 2012 ram. Appreciate any feedback
  9. To everybody behind the scenes that make this website function, my hats off to y'all! Great p[lace to spend time at, Steve, I appreciate everything you have done for me in the past, you deserve all the good from this site, as you and all others worked very hard to make this audio forum "Different" and more down to earth then every other single audio forum on the interwebs! We have seen many come and go here, but there is always those of us that are here for ya for the long haul. Congrats for this 10 year anniversary!! **EDIT** Oh, also to answer the main question... I *think* i've been here
  10. lets not post advertisements of other companies in a sub section of this forum that actually contributes.... Continue on
  11. if there is anyone that knows his beverages on this forum, its James...... So i'd listen to him.
  12. unfortunately thats how it all starts... i hope you get everything you paid for
  13. keep me posted with whats going down in here... sounds fishy
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