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Official Cracker Feedback


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oh damn! i thought i posted feedback for him. my bad bro. i sold to cracker he paid quick, very easy to deal with. buy/sell with confidence great guy here.

REST IN PARADISE BIG RICH (Sqmonte) never forgotten

Why do you guys ALWAYS dispute on NUMBERS?????

It's such a played out argument, so fucking annoying....

It's 12 fuckin 15's.... It's louder than you... Shut the fuck up...



I'm so jealous, it makes me want to club baby seals. That shit gets down HARD!

dont buy from knowledge he will scam you.


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hey thanks guys, i appreciate hearin that, didnt see this til now haha. glad everything is cool :D

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Dan is a cool guy just to talk too, and is a great buyer too! He inquired about something via PM and payed quick via MO! I'd do business with him again any day!

Hell, this guy even texted me when I didn't have internet while I was driving to SBN to let me know that someone else was interested in something else I had for sale and he relayed my message back to the guy for me, You definitely don't see that everyday! Awesome guy to deal with here! I'd recommend him to anybody!

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