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One reason for the rebuild: Cone Area

This rebuild has been in planning for awhile but it's just starting to come together now :D

First off I wanna thank the people who made this possible;

Thanks to Jacob at Sundown for having such great equipment, customer service, and for answering all my n00b questions. You are the man!

Thanks to Zach (Nightshade) for helping with the box design and answering even more of my n00b questions; you've been so helpful and generous with your time, I owe you man.

Thanks to Derrick (Derrick824) for helping me with the initial planning for the box, it was great working with you!

Thanks to Torres, for helping me with wiring when I had no idea WTF I was doing :P

Special thanks to James (SPL4Life), Hell if it weren't for you dude, I wouldn't even be into car audio or on this forum.

Thanks to everyone that has bought shit from me and funded my build :D

Thanks to everyone on this forum that contributes, It's because of you guys that I have half an idea of what I'm doing now in car audio.

And thanks to Steve (meade916) for starting this forum and posting up the quality work that you do.

Now for some peekturezzz :D





just a little power on tap

Got wood?



this cuts the wood



This came in the mail today from Parts Express, 1 Day Shipping FTW



I guess the air comes out of these?

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wow, can't wait to see this, when I got to the bottm of the page I frantically looked for the next page button but was very dissapointed.

look at those monsterous batterys, what are those like server backup batterys or something?

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damn mang SBN got to ya huh lol going big, i like it. well 12 10s aint small thats for sure lol. lookin good mang

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man i hate waiting on builds. but then again they don't happen over night. gl with getting it done cant wait for more pixs.

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