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Nathan here are a few of mine that I have done in my Focus ZX3. These are a bit older as of now my pair of D3100's are tucked away in the spare tire well for a better fit. I'm also a member of Team XS Power so if you have a shirt that you want to send to me sometime I wouldn't mind. Scottie never said anything about one and when I had the chance to meet him a month or so ago he never showed up to Dominic's house :( Anyway enjoy them and hopefully I'll have some pics of the mods that I do to fit a D3100 under the hood in the near future along with trying to squeeze another in the spare tire well.











I hope you guys like these and they can be helpful. I know they aren't the prettiest but when you have a daily driver that doubles as a spl vehicle you sometimes have to compromise. I'll be talking to you guys at XS Power again here real soon about some more of the best batteries in the world.

Team XS Power FTMFW!!!

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I will get it for you on Monday.

Today is Monday. No need for the Tracking because its already here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about super fast shipping. XS Power FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Start of the side panel for my rear platform. A little side window action to show off your product.




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Ready for paint. Well almost.

Did a little extra work and put one of the batteries on the other side to match the drivers side. Give you some exposure from both sides.





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