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Usa an iPad as a carputer?


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I wonder how well it would work? Most carputers I see are just a 10" touchscreen that the majority of the time is just playing iTunes or some other music program. I always wanted a carputer but was too lazy to go through the full installation. This looks like I could get a large touchscreen to play my music and videos all wrapped u in a easy package. Anyone see any reason this would not work?


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I dont see why not, but i would make it semi easy to take out so you can take it in the house and load up more music/movies on the go. and you will need a power source for it, which shouldnt be 2 hard.. and a headphone port thing to RCA adapter and should work fine

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I was thinking about doing the same thing. Fiberglassing a dock for it in my dash then just pop it out whenever I want to update it or take it to class or something

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well, the two issues i see sq wise are that apple headphone jacks have some of the worse sq i've ever experienced in my life, and that you now have 2 volumes that have to be synched(and all apple products i've tried definately distort/clip past like 70% volume.) if thats not a concern all you need to do is make a dock and have a h/u with an aux in.

and before someone jumps on me for saying that, using the same music file on an ipod mini, nano, video, classic, archos gmini404 and 604wifi, on an sd card, usb stick, and a burned cd, the ipods (when played through aux) clearly had the worse sq. The sd card and usb were best (because there is no secondary decompression taking place) along with the burned cd. The archos through aux were much better than the ipods through aux, and even better than the 30pin ipod cable which is admittedly a step up from aux(but ipod eq/processing still applies, so apple is still making the music worse before sending it out)

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not sure how he had it wired though...

if it were me i would build a place to put a head unit thats made for ipod or usb like a kenwood alpine ect, and that way you can use the high pass filter, bass, and have the full abilty to tune your system and thats about as esay as you can make it but you would have to modify your whole dash which you would have to do for a 10 inch screen too, but in my opinion an i pad would be way cooler

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im going back and forth about using a mac mini or ipad not sure if it will work for an ipad but i looking at a review on youtube that said the direct conect usb port on a kenwood kdc-x794 bypasses the Digital analog converter of an ipod

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