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At it AGAIN! Started my OTHER arm (SLEEVED UP?) (update 6/22/10)

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Shit looks awesome!! What about your girl? she likes tattoos?

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Shit looks awesome!! What about your girl? she likes tattoos?

thanks guys!! and ya, it still needs more shading that was just the one sitting (the newest evil lookin face)....it will all look great healed up and some whites mixed in.....

my girl has got some work done by Bill too, some girlie stuff but VERY nice and colorful too.

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this is just the start of something i am working on......its like blazing, pissed off sun with rays and reverse flames clutching a moon guy - a few weeks back i got started with a different sun and moon theme but its like aztec sun/moon god type stuff....it will all come together in the coming months - i am booked till summer time LOL.

anyway its good to have real art instead of lettering everywhere and some of it not very good lettering LOL :D

next appt is march 8th.





next appt is march 8th.

That is one sick Tattoo way better then letters. That is a good artist!

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When I first saw the outline, it reminded me of Eddie from iron maiden haha. comin along real nice man! I agree, your artist is very talented.

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Nicce work mane...

i'm gettin my 1st set of art work done in about a week or two..

gettin the clown "sweet tooth" from twisted metal to

represent the "laugh now cry later" quote...

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