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  1. haha thanks man, yeah i just stopped testing so many things, i´m not the best out there but i honestly feel i can build anything louder than most people thanks to those many hours invested on trying dumb things and dumb boxes. 1) Yeah we dont have any rules against loud cars, i mean, i can even turn those things on while im driving and no one cares lol 2) Interesting, wich pockets you speak about? 3) i wantes to do fiberglass but it´s so damn expensive around here, didn´t thought about the boat idea but sadly, it´s too late now, i guess i just need to pray and hope it doesn´t crack lol. You don´t own explorers anymore i assume? you were always a huge inspiration bro!
  2. thanks a lot bro, yeah i´ve lacking with vids and updating this topic since i´ve been so busy at work, i´ll do it right now i thank you
  3. Thanks bro! yeah, all i did was buying stock leafs and adding 3 more custom leafs between stock ones, worked out awesome and only spent like 200$
  4. Those poor bridgestone 30" tires are getting abused for sure!!! Still don´t know what tires i´ll be running, but need to fix that asap cause i don´t think they´ll last with all that weight
  5. She´s playing!!! After almost a full year of rebuilding i´m happy to say that she´s almost done, need to build my loading wall, work on the suspension and some other things, but here´s a video of how she looks, dunno about you guys, but i´m damn proud of how she looks and specially how loud she is, vids tomorrow
  6. Some cheap water based black paint to cover everything. 2 cans of rust-oleum black paint for lamps, love this thing!! Everything wired up and playing!!!
  7. YES!!;) I´ve done many testing about this, the further away the sub is from the back of the box the lower it plays and viceversa, also, measures get the sub closer or further away from walls on the car wich act as loading wall and let you play lower also for example
  8. having a 228v electrical system on my current build, and yes, i had a full 228v shot because the hatch came down to my head when i was wiring the last battery, that wasn´t fun lol
  9. Remember the 2nd roof stage???? time to get back it again!!! Test fitted everything and honestly speaking, it looks like shit on top of the car!!! it´s definitely too long, so i´ll be cutting down the box lenght and ditch the rear mids and drivers, and maybe, a single mid on each of the sides, instead of using 12 mids and 10 compression drivers i might end up using 8 mids and 6 compression drivers
  10. I was until i got a full 230V on my head cause the hatch went down on me when i was connecting the positive on the last battery, yes it sucks but wasn´t as terrible as i thought lol
  11. Thanks bro! There are 300v alternators out there that i could use to charge the HV system tho, but yeah, im using the mechman 270A alt to run the car and the mids/highs 12v electrical and just the HV amplifier isolated with 18 batts, but im dropping voltage now since its only a 180V amplifier, 228V shuts down after a few seconds, then tested on 17 batts and only lasted like 5 minutes, dropped to 16 batts now and this thing can play STRONG as hell, this thing is just nasty, and having the car off for testing and playing makes it way better About the weight, yes they take tons of weight but i can tell you this, you save A LOT OF MONEY!!! im using stinger on mine cause we sell the brand around here, but i already built 3 cars using HV amplifiers where i can use shitty ass lead acid batteries 60$ a piece and works amazing, not bad for spending only 700$ on batts
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