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  1. i agree, gonna give him a call then cause these guys won´t get back at me lol
  2. thanks man, honestly speaking,i don´t think its his job to help me out since we bought this thing directly from mechman and it wouldnt be correct to contact him, that´s why i´ve been trying to get in touch with mechman
  3. Hey guys, i bought from Pipo Sanchez this alternator and transpo voltage regulator a couple of years ago and never installed it until now, the thing is, that i lost the wiring diagram you guys sent me and i´m a complete NOOB when it comes to this kind of things, can i get any diagram?? i dunno what´s the pos or neg on the alternator plug or even where to start lol, any help will be very appreciate!!
  4. I have 4 Alpine type R 12s and want build a 4th order box for a 2013 Chrysler 300 can some help me with the specs

    1. Keith77


      Your best bet is to start a thread in the Enclosure section for help 

    2. fecupe2001


      is that trunk so big? i dont see you fitting 4 12s in there in a proper enclosure


  5. Nice review for sure!! 151.7 @ 36 hz on a single 15" and that big cabin is a nasty score for sure, any vids doing some hairtricks? did you meter that thing around 50 hz? would love to see that score since not everyone manages to get loud way higher than peak frequency, specially on that low end monster, nice work Veselin!!
  6. such a recent topic and already got so lame!! Anyways, i´ve seen people using 14v batts without any 12v electrical, you would need to check if your ecu and the rest of the car can take +16v charging, if that´s the case, you could always just get an alternator with external voltage regulator and just use the 14v batts charging them over 16v
  7. ok that sounds awesome, yeah they are very cool people, one of their salemen is a very good friend of mine, they have tons of products and can hook me up with a great price, but panama is a very small country and i´m pretty sure most of their sales are outside of panama because of that, i guess that´s why is more difficult to find the D2700-3100 and the 14-16v batts, i´m gonna give them a call, thanks a lot bro!
  8. ok sounds good, now i have to find them around here lol, you guys have a dealer at panama that is called global mundi, they don´t have d1400s and almost never have even d3100s cause they sell it to the rest of latin america, any way i can get a good price from you guys? pipo told me he could give you a call to get me some prices but i haven´t spoke with him for a couple of weeks now cause he just moved to jax
  9. awesome nathan, i wanted to do 16v electrical but my amps are 12v version and can´t take anything about 17v , so that´s why i´m planning to build a 14v electrical, already have the second alt with external regulator, my plan is to get about 15K clamped at the most, so, 10-12 d1400s are enough then?
  10. what up guys, just curious, do you have any vid doing a load test on a D1400? i´ve seen few vids from tons of xs power batts but none on the D1400, really interested on doing 14v electrical with a bunch of these bad boys
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