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help me!!!!!

looks like i got a damn beer belly!!!!

well dude the motivation is all on you!!!!! from your 2 posts it just sounds like you dont have the personal desire to get off your ass and train! some people have it and some dont! i can understand things happen and whatever. trust me, i went from never being able to break 200 lbs in h.s. and benching 315 to 260 lbs and overweight!!!!! 4 kids 10 years of being married and complacancy!!!!! well in the last week alone i have dropped 5 lbs of fat and am going to try to get back down arround the 220 mark as i do have a large muscle build to me. and if i do then i will proceed to add the weight back on but in lean muscle mass!!!!! i dont mind being 250 or 260 but i do mind being fat!!!!! its all what you make it!!!!! if you really want help with the beer belly send a pm if not then dont complain!!!!!

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I did the P90x for like 2 weeks its definitely tough. Now I workout just as hard iat the gym and i dont even do cardio and Im starting to lose fat while seeing gains in my lifts. Probably genetic.

But yes i recommend it to everyone.

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What all does it do? I've looked over the site but would like to hear personal insight on if it just helps get in shape, lose weight, help with bulk, etc.. Would a program like this with maybe some kind of supplement or something to add mass? I've noticed I can't gain a lot of weight just eating but when i work out i see results fairly quickly with muscle mass and more toned.

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yeah P90x is the truth..also look into a guy name ross enamait..he has some beast workouts that are only about 20 mintues long but work the heck outta you. Try infinite intenisty..its a 50 day program. His website is awesome too..lot of info



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Another growing trend recently is CrossFit. The military has been trying to adopt it unsuccessfully, but it works for TONS of people. Another good thing to try. A lot of it is timed also so you can set goals. It will definitely whip you into shape.

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you could also look into power factor training...thats what I was doing at school. its actually really good to read even if you dont want to do that type of workout. alot of useful info that you can use or adopt for yourself.

also, I havent used p90x, but all I have to say about it is, definitely listen to neo and anyone else who tells you to keep up with your diet and DRINK WATER. Can't stress that enough...especially if you start taking protein supplements.

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