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  1. Just got my Diamondboxx. Muhahaha

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      I'm actually impressed with the bass output and the highs. I can turn the knob all the way and not hear distortion. As far as "loud" yeah, it definitely gets loud. Louder than anything battery powered.

  2. He bought some RE XXX tweeters from me a couple weeks ago. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/201836-fs-bravox-exs6-mids-and-re-xxx-tweeters/ He paid immediately and informed me when they were received. A+ would do business with again. Thanks!
  3. You must of missed the 16 subs in the back seat fiberglass enclosure at 3:09........
  4. Obviously one video isn't going to be able to show what you will get in the 3+ month Rescue course. Most of the accidents I've been to where the patients were stuck in the dash went EXACTLY like in that video. Again, this is a 10 minute video with only three techniques. The instructor skipped many steps that anyone with experience already knows, such as stabilization precautions. This is more of a refresher and this guy definitely knows his shit. Feel free to keep browsing youtube for rollover stabilization techniques and de-tanglement.
  5. I doubt they left the gear in there. I think the touch screen COULD be something from the factory. But yeah, I was cringing the whole video.
  6. I was checking out some auto extrication techniques and stumbled across this one. Does this car look familiar to anyone? Anyhow, I thought this was pretty neat. Small world huh.
  7. Since 07. From Maryland. I remember checking out the build pics on Steve's section and also Tim Groundpounder2k2's section....Before youtube was as big. Them were the days.
  8. Oh my god do I hate that beer. No offense of course.
  9. actually i bought one without doing the code either. i saw it too late in here i guess.
  10. Hi. I just bought a large VU kit from the site but I need more colors. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which will work with this unit? I need maroon, purple, orange, and green as well as the colors that already come with the unit. Anywhere I should look? Thanks.
  11. I'm under the influence. Please disregard my folliwing actions
  12. OP try this link for help. http://www.digicamhelp.com/processing-photos/photo-hosting/posting-photos/
  13. already banned and taken care of. She never wanted to know anything about me, that dirty lying whore.
  14. If you have a lead acid battery then you don't want to run it in the cabin of your car. Only sealed batteries are applicable in cabin.
  15. P is still around I see his posts on facebook about the flying white sausage. I wonder where Boon is also. He was from UK I think.
  16. Devils Advocate. What if the power you lost did NOT result in a score difference? Is it possible that there is another factor in your car that limited your score to what it was?
  17. You can easily do this with smaller wire. It is scalable. Test using a 500 watt amp with 4 gauge wiring. Not much of an electrical strain.
  18. Not to be an ass, but the opinion pushed is being backed by REAL WORLD TESTING, not on paper. yes as a DIRECT comparison, OFC > CCA, but for current carrying capacity (not resistance), for the cost CCA is better. You can do 3 runs of CCA for the price of 1 Run of OFC. OFC will carry 300 max, CCA will carry close to 600. So are you willing to lose battery capacity in extra resistance? Cost isn't the only factor influencing the answer here. What extra resistance? The comparison is 3 runs of CCA vs 1 run of copper, based on the fact that you can buy 3 runs of CCA for the price of one copper run. But for simplicity, I will compare only two runs of aluminum to 1 run of copper. IIRC 2 wires identical in size run in parallel act as a cable 3 sizes lower. So those two runs equal one run of aluminum 4/0 in size. One run of aluminum 4/0 will yield less resistance than one run of copper 1/0 of the same distance.
  19. Then you are basing this off of faith. There is no doubt in my mind that Tony's grasp of audio knowledge surpasses almost everyone on this site. That being said, people want to know why so they can understand the answer. The answer is either OFC> CCA or CCA> Copper. Tony says OFC>CCA and while I don't think he is wrong, WHY is he right? What is classified as "better?" Same cross section, same weight? What? WHY is it not OK? It is not an argument, it is us asking for the proof that it is right. These claims are all pretty exciting and interesting and I hope to learn a bunch from watching the videos.
  20. No he gave us the answer, I just want to see the problem. I have the utmost respect for Tony and like reading his lessons However, this is a tease god dammit.
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