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Got this flyer today......doesn't get much better than this!



My POS Bass machine-
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe on some shitty 22's
Bed Liner Paint Job-Pioneer AVH 3200DVD
4 DAD BD series 15's in a 4th Order (Bassheads ENT Design)
4 Arc Audio XDI2000.1 for the woofers
6 Cadence CVL68MBX 6.5's-Cadence CVL88MBX 8's-6 Cadence XT20 Supertweeters
2 Arc Audio KS300.4's for mids and tweets
1 Arc Audio ALD 10v Line Driver
All Audiotechnix Power wire
1 DC Power 270XP High Output Alternator
1 XS Power D3400 up front....6 XS Power D3100's in the rear
Air Lift 1000 Bags in rear to help with suspension
If your still reading this GFY.......

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if they pick it up how am i going to get a hand job



92 explorer

- 4 Atomic Apxx 15s duel .7s - 4rth order bandpass wall -4 powerbass XA-3000D's - 16 8volt batts wired to 16 volts - (9+/9-) runs 0gauge - 152.3 Db @ 29hz

current build

97 chevy lumina4 - 1 Atomic Apx 18 - 6 cube slot port trunk sealed off - 1 powerbass XA-3000D - 2 optima G31s in spare tire18 1 run 1/0

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I do detailing and I offer pick up and deliver, it may sound crazy but I have driven peoples BMWs, Vipers, Mercedes, you name it. And I dont have a "shop" other than my garage and driveway, its amazing the trust some people have.

Thats not expensive. Thats a fair price. I charged $35 to do a pick up/drop off wash on an Escalade and she paid me $50 everytime. Granted I take my time and when her truck needed a good wax or the seats cleaned or the carpet shampooed I never charged her extra, I just did it.

They will be getting a call about said hand jobs today. The crazy shit you come up with Twisted, I have a feeling that might be your phone number :D



beer sucks...but i can bring some jose cuervo. Only problem is that it makes me horny and gives me the rams. So unless yall wanna fight and then have some great make up sex i will leave it home.

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I hope they use some solution for the handies

03 GMC Sierra Z71 Ext Cab l 2 15" American Bass XO's l 1 Lanzar HTG2600 l AudioVox 1510D In dash DVD l KnuKonceptz Wiring l Big Three Done with KnuKonceptz KLMX 1/0 l Infinity Reference 6022si 6-1/2" Front Door Speakers l Upgraded to 145A Alt from 105A Alt l Custom Box 2^3 under the rear bench with resined bottom, and about 4 lbs of polyfill

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