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  1. my Lanzar has been fine for me in my setup...I have hammered on it for 4 years now...
  2. NSFW Language.... Freaking hysterical! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMH6d0-5fqU
  3. oh...I have been thinking of amping my highs, and adding a second in the door.....nice build on the pods BTW
  4. off topic question, where do you have your hi amp at? Behind the back seat?
  5. I think the dispatcher would be of a career job, and security to be intermediate job, unless you want to move up and be the HNIC, I would say be the dispatcher...
  6. thats more then half your budget bro on two subs..you buy an amp, to push those right, 250...that leaves you just over 100..for wires and HU....just sayin...
  7. POS or not the shop put the wrong fuse in, which caused it to over heat, melt and possibly damage the amp...if they did not have 15s should have used 10s, if no 10s then dont use any..that my .02 cents...
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