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Pre-ordering NOW OPEN... pre-order runs until July 4th or while supplies last.

ETA is the end of July -- as always this is subject to delays and is not set in stone!

Before opening ordering 20% of this run is already accounted for in large Team builds... so get them early if you want them from the first run.

COST : $525 shipped in the continental USA - Regular MAP Pricing is $775

* Contact me for AK and HI orders


TO ORDER PAYPAL ME AT [email protected] with Subject "SAZ-2500D Pre-Order" or talk to your favorite online or local Sundown Audio dealer.


This amp is a beast... it has the output section of the SAZ-3000D and a strong power supply to back it up using new, more powerful, power supply MOSFET parts. All of this in a package only 1" longer than the SAZ-2000D.


Ratings :

2500 @ 1 ohm

1200 @ 2 ohms

600 @ 4 ohms


Testing :

Wired @ 1 ohm in Derrick's Explorer :

1690 Watts

21.4 Amps

78.97 Volts

3.69 ohms Actual

Wired @ 0.25 in Derrick's Explorer:

3360 Watts

63 Amps

53 Volts

0.85 ohm actual

Around 14v actual voltage

16v testing not done yet... will have that when I get new batteries for my Jeep.



* Sitting Next to SAZ-2000D Model (2500D to the right)


* Another angle - you can see the 2500D is only about 1" bigger (2500D on top)


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Case by case basis... if so all trades and all cash balance must be sent in at once. I will be taking very limited trades on these.

K, I will PM you or email you, with what I have and maybe we can work out a trade+cash for one of these.


Thank you Dime, was about to just edit this post after I deleted my others, I fell for feeding the troll :(

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usa sales only? or is that the 525 shipped price? meaning can i get one or two shipped to canada for the extra shipping price?

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All BS aside, If I see one more comment in here that is NOT about the pre-sale, I will start the vacations. And that includes the trolls feeding the trolls.

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