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1989 Chevrolet Beretta

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Damn man very nice work indeed I wish I woulda been a photo hog lol I kinda regret it now I had some good numbers but no proof on anything I have been into car audio with my bro and his friends since I was around 10 and I am now going on 29 and now i tech my nephew who is 9 he loves bass and so does my 3 yr old son some day all 3 of us will be in the driveway/garage doing something haha,keep up the good work.

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clean install bro


2011 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ

2 XS Power D3400

Kicker HyperFlex 1/0

Soundstream Vir 7870bt


2010 Jeep Patriot

2 Murdered Out Black DC LVL 4 15s With XL Recones(with 1 extra spider pack a piece)

1 Crescendo BC 3500

1 MB Quart 60.4

1 Set RF T1 6x9s Up Front

1 XS Power D3400(Front)

1 XS Power D3400(Back)

2 runs of 1/0 Kicker Hyperflex

SoundStream Vir 7870bt

Fat Mat Rattle Trap Xtreme



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this thread is still as good as the first time I seen it :good:

1986 C20 Suburban

9 American Bass XFL 15's


14v XS Power Batteries

Maxwell Caps

Acoustical energy is free. Electrical energy is not

you havent lived until you've hit a screw with a router.

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Ha, new to this forum, but i have seen this thing pop up a couple times on beretta forums, did not expect to find the builder here. thats pretty cool.

1989 Chevy Beretta

My Gear

HU- Kenwood KIV-701

Amp- Alpine PDX 600.1M this will change in the very near future

Sub- 10" JL W6V2 in H.O box, will be W6V3 when released, I'm ready for the trolling XD

Speakers- 6 1/2 Memphis PR component custom door mount, 4" Memphis Coax PR in dash, 5 1/4 Memphis Coax in rear deck, upgrade soon. 3-Way C5 in front, rear deck unknown yet

Power Wire- Memphis 1/0 AWG to StreetWires fused +/- distro, Memphis 4 AWG out, plus 4 AWG Big 3

RCA's- StreetWires ZN3 2 Chan/ ZN5 4 Chan + StreetWires 9 Conductor, All this is going to Memphis UTPF soon enough

CompuStar Alarm/Remote Start 2 way with 901 remote.

I know I'm forgetting stuff too

139.4 term lab on the glass vented. 44Hz

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