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NEW ICON for System of the Month Winners!

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thats a great idea!

exaclty what i was thinkin. got excited that all the past winners got one too lol. oh well maybe ill get another system of the month someday.

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Vehicle-2014 Ford Fusion on 20" cruiser alloy obsessions
Subs-4 8" sundown audio E8v3

Sub Amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 1200.1
box-2.8cubes after all dis tuned to 32hz 4" aero
Mids and highs-2 sets of Memphis PR 6.5 components

Mids amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 800.4
Deck-Factory Integration
40sqft of damplifier Pro



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Yea, I was just thinking it would be nice. Your browsing the forum and see someone with a SOTM banner and your thinking hmmm... wonder what his build looks like. Click on his SOTM banner and bam, your there looking at it. I know it maybe be a little work on the admin's side but would sure simplify it on the member's side.


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thanks for the icon and green highlighted letters :drinks:


2000 Silverado Ext 1500 v.3

(Walled Silverado)

4 DC Power 270a Alts on A DC Power Quad Alt Bracket

XS Power VCM,Stinger Volt Meters

4 AA Mayhem 18s

2 DC Audio 9.0ks Strapped

1 DC Audio 175.4

4 Selenium 6.5s & 4 Selenium 8s

4 Selenium Super Tweeter st350s

72 SQ Ft Of Stinger Roadkill Expert

Alpine CDA 9887

XS Power d3400(Hood),6 XS Power d3100s(Bed)

& much more.....

2011 Meca CA State Champion & State Record Holder In M5

Meca SPL:158.2

Meca P&P:137.4

DB Drag:159.1



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are you fucking serious?


Kenwood KIV-700 headunit

2 18" sundown Z.v3s

13.5^3 wall tuned @ 28hz


DC power 270amp alt

JL c2 650


XS 1200 under the hood

XS 3100 in the trunk

1/0 gauge

big 3

25^2ft audio technix


^^ c-fuzzy ur an idiot, my 15" soround is waay bigger cuz its a tall sorround, on top of that I HAVE A BIGGER MOTOR... oh yeah and fuck u suck my dick i got your hoes!

anywhere they want to. They cant hear anyone telling them otherwise. just because its bigger doesnt make it any different. they just piss people off faster and farther away.

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look at chode and all his fancy symbols.

R.I.P '01 blazer you treated my ears well until your transmission blew up.

New Project

[top secret]

149.0 db on music driver window open; so close

I feel some boners are fueled by viagra and not true intimacy!......if you know what i mean....

I swear... sometimes I wish I was retarded so I could just agree with everyone x.
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