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2008 Chevy Equinox - Build Log

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Since this build was done I have replace the subs with two Old School RFR2212 Power series and change out the P5002 with a T10001bd. From past experience I would say I am in the 145 range.

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thats a pretty sweet design my dude, plus like someone said above you still have space to put shit :good:

Team NWSPLUPCOMING BUILD (when I afford it)

2013 Ford Focus Hatch

2x DC lv3 15s

2x b2 quotas

XS batts

DC power alt

That amp would fuck the shit out of those subs. It would roofie them, knock them out with chloroform, then make sweet, gentle, anal love to them all night.

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Bump.. Vote for me in System of the Month

2003 Mercury Mountaineer

Iraggi 260amp Alternator

RF Punch Power DVC 12" Subs RFR2212

RF Punch Power DVC 15" Subs RFR2215

Rockford Fosgate T1 6x8 in front and rear doors

Rockford Fosgate T1 Tweeters by sun visors

Rockford Fosgate RFX9400 all copper chassis --> Amazing

Rockford Fosgate 500x

Rockford Fosgate T40001bd

My Vids --> Click here


do you still have the Iraggi alt or did it go out?.........and if you do and the alt went out will the case fit any ford?

2 12" Jeff Vue Customs
1 set MB Quart FSB 216 in doors
1 American Bass 100.1 on sub
1 Hertz EP2 on doors
JVC deck IPOD control
Stock 105 amp alt
big 3
new build in Chevy caviler http://www.stevemead...chevy-cavalier/

last set up in the ZX2 http://www.stevemead...-current-build/

old build log http://www.stevemead...-1998-ford-zx2/

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that shop needs keep those doors open so they have to charge for it

if people think 10k is a lot then they should get into other hobbies.. like masturbating, cause any hobby cost money to maintain

Lol no, I'm smarter than that bro haha. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..............go fuck yourself lol

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Awesome Ride ... and Awesome Numbers Bro ... :drink40:

Kenwood / HELIX / Linear Power (For The Love Of Music) / Brutal Sounds / OverKill Electric Co 

Questions About Sound Quality ?? Try Here ... Sound Quality, What does it REALLY mean ?? 

SMD SOTM Winner "White Lightning" 1997 GMT400 Chevy Silverado   

"The Green Dickle" 1994 GMT400 Chevy "Phantom Dually"   

Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche (we haven't named this one yet)

Dylan's "Brutal" 17 Chevy Cruze RS Hatch                         

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