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  1. Building a show vehicle and all the equipment I ordered didn’t come with any decals, was wondering if anyone could point me in direction of where I could find them. Looking for (Crescendo, DroppinHz, Shuriken, DS18, SHCA, Jim’s Machineworx)
  2. In the market for a new or used 5k

    1. Kyblack76


      then go buy one...

    2. Jbarrera93
    3. Miguels


      why post on here when there is on for sale? looking for attention? http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/185682-fs-dc-audio-5k-bnib/

  3. EMS & AFD have responded to 21 Motorcycle related incidents since Thursday.

  4. So many nice bikes in town this weekend.

  5. What makes them junk? Is it the parts used? Build house?
  6. Anyone had any experience with Pure Audio? Looking into they're 5k.
  7. ROT Rally this weekend, the only time I hate working at the Front Desk.

  8. Finally got to hear Travland's dually! Thing is fucking noooiiiiccccee. Especially down 5 subs.

  9. Trading my 18" Fi SP4 saturday for an Alpine MRX-M240

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    2. Gunnem


      maybe he doesnt have the power for the sp4

    3. Jbarrera93


      Gunnem is right I don't have the power for an SP4.

    4. Jbarrera93


      Plus, I only paid $300 for the fully loaded SP4

  10. Wish I could've gone to the DUB Dallas car show :(

  11. 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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    2. IH8PunkRok


      ugly as sin but I love the engine

    3. IH8PunkRok


      take that back I read charger lol my bad

  12. 4 HDS300 15's on a RD D9 = Stupid Lows and vehicle flex.

    1. Wood


      Build Log? Vids?

    2. Jbarrera93


      No build log, I will put a link to my FB with vids. Its a friends vehicle.

  13. Yea I've gotten a few designs from Joe and they were great!
  14. Would I be able to use just 1 large sheet from home depot to build this?
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