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  1. Thanks Big D! Would love to see some of these 5 channel amps get tested
  2. Just picked up an Audiofrog GS12 to play around with 

    1. WalledSonic
    2. BoomZoom808


      Picked it up used and the enclosure looks to be around 2.5 cubes slot port not very long but decent port area, not sure what its tuned to but this subwoofer is pretty impressive, very sensitive good SQ thinking maybe 2.5 cu 4" aero tuned to 32ish

  3. BoomZoom808

    Question on how powerful I can go (stock electrical)

    You fuse for the rating of the wire based on the length of your run not the amp
  4. BoomZoom808

    Question on how powerful I can go (stock electrical)

    All vehicle electrical charging systems are not the same.
  5. BoomZoom808

    Question on how powerful I can go (stock electrical)

    I agree with this and to add to it the big 3 small rear battery agm OFC wire that can carry the current you plan to pull. Efficiency is key to pulling less current. If you need to get sketchy CYA OFC
  6. BoomZoom808

    components all around or just front

    First off no disrespect bcbrassard a very knowledgeable member, but I have to disagree with the notion that you will not hear the rears and they don't matter SQ over SPL. The rears do matter because they can only make your overall sound worse If you don't change the rears when you change the fronts. Better off not to have rear speakers if you only change the fronts. I don't think coaxial or component matters as much as keeping them the same brand and line of speaker. If you do punch components up front do the same level of punch coaxial or components in the rear. This will keep harmonics the same.
  7. Gathering equipment for the Crosstour build. Already got the Maximo’s installed. Honda’s factory mounting method is shit and so are the stock speakers. Sound is much improved already.
  8. Swapped out the Excelon components for some Morel Maximo's last night and I'm impressed didn't even realize there was hooker heel's clacking in the background on Broken Whiskey Glass can't wait to get the other set installed in the Crosstour

  9. cone area is usually king if you have the space for 2 15's
  10. Sadly traded in the Dodge Magnum but we picked up a 2013 Honda Crosstour! This 3.5L Earth Dreams V6 w iVtech is pretty bad ass tho

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    2. BoomZoom808


      The slammed ones look sick. Thinking about going that route. Also need to get some bass in it. Thinking of going the LC2i route and a factory sub swap for now. Already got in to developer mode and turned off ANC and set the DSP to flat and it helped a little but it needs MORE POWA!

    3. WalledSonic


      Looking forward to a Crosstour build log

    4. BoomZoom808


      might be a while but I will get something up eventually 

  11. Just scooped up an XCON 12, now lets see what all the hype is about 

  12. If this is anything like your box builds this should be good!
  13. Loving the new K&N short ram intake I installed on my Mazda, but damn that Golf R was fast in morning traffic this morning 

  14. BoomZoom808

    Opinions/help on picking a sub

    American bass makes great subs, RE is meh now days
  15. Yup this is the wife's ride she doest let me mess with it too much lol just changed out the head unit to a mechless pioneer and swapped the dash speakers to kicker ks3.5's going to do some kick panels next. Nice ride man! I know how you feel about the wife not letting you mess with it much. I had to fight the wife to put what i did in her Malibu but in the end she loves it. Still isn't real happy about half her trunk space being gone but damn that woman was buying to much with that big of a trunk. NOW she buys less... ov everything! ha haKeep up the good work man! That's a good tactic mine would just say take that shit out lol thunder form at least gives some nice low end with that old school RE love that sub, and the pioneer head unit really woke up the lows compared to the JVC. Someday this bitch will get 2 15's or an 18 back there lol