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  1. i just installed a 8000k hid bought from ebay for $79 which has HI/LOW. I really love it, perfect brightness, but its a bit too white for me, i was looking for more of a bluish tone(maybe because i only had the HID for a couple of days?) if it breaks, oh well it has a year warranty or if not i can just get a replacement for not that much
  2. that video card is overkill IMO, you can get a way with a 9600gt for your application.
  3. good choice on the parts mayne specially the PSU. listen to newls1, he knows his shit. may i add a recommendation? did you already get the hard drive? cause if not just go with a 1TB, you can get one for $79 now a days. cuz when i built my pc i always thought i will not need a lot of space, so i only got a 320gb at that time(very tight budget build) and now im regretting it. well you can easily add another one, but for a minimal price difference you can just go with the 1 TB. Will all that good components that you have, you may want to try overclocking(just a lil bit for now, then go big later when you upgrade the cooling) and doing a raid setup in the future. which case did you get? (just curious)
  4. i don't know if this helps but on my ford explorer 2000 it has 1 belt for all the accessories. you loosen it by loosening the tensioner using a 3/8 socket
  5. IMO don't get one big amp and run it @ 1ohm because it will have a high imp rise(well i really can't tell but most likely it will). i suggest getting another 3500d and running it @.5ohm each, you'll see major major difference.
  6. good to see a fellow programmer here, the fucked up thing in programming is when the error on the code is just a 1 character typo and it takes you a whole day to figure what it is. nice concept, hope your site booms! like tejcurrent im also taking my degree in computer science.
  7. have you guys tried using CA glue + saw dust on your boxes? when i was in the Philippines for a vacation couple of months ago, i talked to a famous box builder there and he said he uses CA glue + saw dust, he also said it dries quicker and the best thing is you can use it soon after you finish the box.
  8. this is how i build my boxes. Glue, Clamp, Predrill, Screw, take off clamp, then move on to the next side. the screws basically clamps the pieces together until the glue dries.
  9. thanks for the tip ill forward him this topic so he can read this. i'm sure he'll just pull down the seats when he's bumping though. we'll see what happens, i can't wait to hear it in his car.
  10. it looks like this , the one on the pic is a 300c, not sure if he has a 300c.
  11. i met up with a local guy and gave him a demo, well with my 2 10" fi SSD and sundown 1500d it got him interested in getting 2 10's for his ride. in short he wanted to do 2 10's but with double the power. his setup: 2 10" Fi Q w/ BP power + extra spider(i think), scott said he'll beef it up so it can handle 1.5k rms better. sundown 3000d which will be ran @ 1ohm 1.9 cu. ft box after displacements tuned to 30 hz right now(stock port length, no cutting yet), but will be changed to 35 or 38hz. using a 4" aeroport. I was worried at this at first because the port might be too small, but i hooked it up to my 1500d and there is no port noise at all(should be because of the circular design plus the flares. more pics tomorrow
  12. x2, you shouldve asked them what your peak freq was and next time just burp the frequencies around it. then ask them again where you are the loudest and next time just do that freq+ some other if you want.
  13. derrick has always had very good results with subs up port to the driver's side. and right now i have my 2 10's facing up and port on the driver's side, so far haven't tested it for numbers but it does sound loud.
  14. obviously computer enhanced, but great effects though!
  15. i didn't receive the pm, i used a canon rebel xsi with 50mm f1.8 lens
  16. Infinity 6820CS 5 x 7 perfect for ford and mazda vehicles. SOLD
  17. that looks really loud! you should try and put 12k watts on them for a burp and see if the windshield breaks! lol
  18. i thought of that too, but i think its not because he said the RF blue light is on?
  19. good vid mike! very easy to understand should help the new guys a lot
  20. looks good mayne! ssd's do get loud. i have 2 10's powered by a saz1500d and its doing a shirt trick
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