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  1. Thats @Dafaseles it should be wrapped up this week. This week I will have a lot more pictures.
  2. Remember when I showed you the doors? This was the plan. Check it out before it gets upholstery.
  3. Hello, So there has been a lot of progress that I thought i would share. When we took down the headliner for reupholstery we found that the current sound deadener was falling down in the front and rear. Thats the AZ heat for you. So we had clean that and fix it of course. Next; on to the A Pillers. First the fitment, and alignment. Some bodywork. Until it looks like this: This is clearly, before upholstery. So there is a surprise. I am getting all up upholstery done. So we tore everything out. Look at that carpet. Went with a color like this: Next; some progress on the doors. So this will clearly have a baffle to keep everything flush. The last thing I have is I put a 3" suspension lift and new tires. I don't have a picture yet with the new tires but to show you the lift.
  4. Progress on the front bumper. and the rear is just getting started. You can see all the cables back there for something bigger haha.
  5. So update on some of the progress. The Double din is installed with a new reverse camera. The front door panels, removed the previous work. Working on the new amp racks, for the inside part. Not the beauty panel. While that's going on might as well do the front and rear bumber
  6. Wow, that box was a beast. tldr; I gave it away when I sold my subs. Long story. I remember paying $20.00 daily in gas, on my daily because of that box. I got rid of it maybe 3 or 4 years ago? I didn't keep it long. Maybe 3 months. I paid too much in gas. I wanted to go small on my, on my daily and got a some crescendo subs and amps.. but it just sit in a box. I redid my Doors and A Pillars after that box but never finished the full system, until maybe 2 months ago when I did a DSP, and sub, and amp rack. About a month ago I got a Pathfinder and kind of went all out on rebuilding my new system, on a system I just "completed" after a few years of nothing. So this is where it sits today.. and here we go on this rebuild. Later, you will see pictures of everything getting removed from this. Down to the plastic and some CNC action going on.
  7. So I'm just starting my build for the 4th time. How many times have you just continued to iterate on the same vehicle? Haha! So everything now is ordered. Disclaimer: I am not building this myself. The shop EliteAudio EA is doing this for me. JL Audio RD400/4 CH1-2 - ML280.3 CH3-4 - ML700.3 JL Audio RD400/4 Bridged 200w RMS for each ML1800.3 JL Audio RD400/4 Bridged 200w RMS for each coaxial MPX165.3 JL Audio RD1500/1 For the 3 12TW3 This is how it's going to be wired: Audio Control DM-810: CH1-2 tweeters CH3-4 mids CH5-6 midbass CH7-8 coaxials CH9 (mono) - Subwoofer Head Unit: Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT Front Stage: Hertz ML 700.3 & Hertz ML 1800.3 - ML280.3, ML700.3, ML1800.3 Mille Legend Series 3 way Mille Legend Series 3" midrange speakers and 7" woofers. A Pillars: Hertz ML 280.3 Mille Legend Series 1-3/8" tweeters Rear Doors: Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO Mille PRO Series 6-1/2" 2-way car speakers Amps: JL Audio RD400/4 JL Audio RD400/4 JL Audio RD400/4 JL Audio RD1500/1 DSP: AudioControl DM 810 - DM810 - ACR3 Rear subs: x3 JL Audio 12TW3 So this is going to be fun
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