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  1. All of the gains are ready. 2.1V RMS from the RCAs 16.8V RMS for each tweeter and mid 33.6V RMS for each midbass 33.6V RMS for each coaxial The crossovers are set based on the recommendation of Hertz. 1800Hz HPF tweeter 250Hz HPF mids 70 HPF midbass 80 HPF rear coaxials
  2. Getting ready to mount these bad boys. Ferrules and heat shrink In every cable. This is the ground distributor. This is the power distributor with also heatshrink and ferrules. This is the DSP and RD1500/1. Clearly no beauty panel work yes. Let's see how this plays out.
  3. Thats @Dafaseles it should be wrapped up this week. This week I will have a lot more pictures.
  4. Remember when I showed you the doors? This was the plan. Check it out before it gets upholstery.
  5. Hello, So there has been a lot of progress that I thought i would share. When we took down the headliner for reupholstery we found that the current sound deadener was falling down in the front and rear. Thats the AZ heat for you. So we had clean that and fix it of course. Next; on to the A Pillers. First the fitment, and alignment. Some bodywork. Until it looks like this: This is clearly, before upholstery. So there is a surprise. I am getting all up upholstery done. So we tore everything out. Look at that carpet. Went with a color like this: Next; some progress on the doors. So this will clearly have a baffle to keep everything flush. The last thing I have is I put a 3" suspension lift and new tires. I don't have a picture yet with the new tires but to show you the lift.
  6. Progress on the front bumper. and the rear is just getting started. You can see all the cables back there for something bigger haha.
  7. So update on some of the progress. The Double din is installed with a new reverse camera. The front door panels, removed the previous work. Working on the new amp racks, for the inside part. Not the beauty panel. While that's going on might as well do the front and rear bumber
  8. So the good news is that this looks good. However; there are some bad news. Bad news: and thats not going to work. So I guess this is the direction that's going to have to happen. I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. Too bad West Coast Customs had a very bad reputation of doing shitty work, and look up Trish Paytas's Mercedes Benz G550 https://www.yelp.com/biz/west-coast-customs-burbank?start=20
  10. So these are what was in it. Broke it down, removing the vinyl Let's get on with the new new. Front to back right? haha.
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