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  1. Listening to lost boy by birdie. Actually really like this song, thinking about rebassing it
  2. look into 6.5s! ive got 9 6.5s on a ct sounds 1400 and it plays 20 hz to 80 hz. pretty loud and good sq! heres my build to look at http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/200087-9-massive-summo-65s-ct-sounds-1400
  3. ive been dreaming of a 6.5 wall. lol 20-30 of em at the c pillar for now just gotta stick with my 9
  4. off by only 33 watts. great results! too bad someone wont win this one, seems like a great amp
  5. complete wild guesses here. keep amp test tuesday coming i love these videos! Certified: 1123 Un Certified: 1201 dynamic: 1487 TOTAL: 3811
  6. can i get a name change? havent ben on here in so long ive had quite a few new setups. wanting to start fresh with my new build log. "askmeaboutmy6.5s" im sure its available. if not just let me know thanks
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