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  1. Anyone in the bay have a crazy sound system??>

  2. well if he was a scammer i thnk he would stop at 150 and try to dump all his crap on his but it hasent happened..But it does happen where people will make lots of post just to "think there good.. I say give him his posts back
  3. Maybe for online dealer they are but maybe fosgate dosent regonize it as a dealer that you can do down and check out the product personally
  4. THis right there is fucking sexy i cant wait till i get mine in Come on steve lets get these puppies rolling lol
  5. Did you copy-paste? If there are any spaces before or after the code it won't work. I didn't see a time limit on the code. Yes i did and it said that this coupon was no longer available ??
  6. HAHA i seen that shits too funny lol In Russia Person in front of you is seatbelt LMAO
  7. Ahh okay so then all the way up is what the gain will be ultimaly be set at the remote so that way you dont run into turning the gain up anymore correct? And thanks for the responses guys Now the waiting game will happen for those subs to show up
  8. SO i want to get a LC-1 gain knob so i can control the bass that i have rather than just always having it at a certain set point or can just turn it down and just listen to some vocals.Now can i use the DD-1 To set my gains with it rather than going to the amp and tuning it from there or can it not be done?
  9. Steve do you always speed around lol jk camera looks like it does its job i like it now you just gotta see how it handles the bass lol
  10. Nah man i dont belive it its all bs he must have used magical effects on it (insert sarcasim) LOL Hell dude i used it on all of the systems that i install and to this day are still banging and putting in work..A HELLA of a lot more better than going off by ear sure i could get it pretty close enough or just a little off but this this is dead on accurate cant deny results
  11. How did he know he had clipping below 40hz? did he ever check with a oscope to bring out that conclusion while he had the dd1? and the dd1 checks for distortion not clipping.
  12. Im not a supporting member and i can stil like stuff..But i have been here for a lil while so maybe thast why
  13. yeah, that plus the boxing matches later tonight, smells like I'm going to get wasted damn dude i know im trying to find out where i can watch it here in cali i is alone here
  14. Hell yeah MExican indepence day coming up so we gonna PARTY i already got my eyes on some caguamas again
  15. Im drinking some Caguamas man those shits are good..Its the mexican equivalent to 40's but taste better lol
  16. Ordered mine but damn i live like a hour and a half away and shipping is 10 dollars for a usb drive..damn amazon
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