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  1. Just had a Hawaiian Ribeye steak. Then got a haircut, then I listened to some R&B on my ride home.
  2. I'm a huge mark for nvx! My entire truck is nvx. I have a vcw 10, a jad 1200.1, nvx coax's and a 800.4. Love the sound. I need to post some kind of log
  3. I use Apple Music all of the time in my setup. I never have an issue, the quality seems solid to me
  4. Do you care about navigation? What about pre amp volts? Are there other features that matter? Lastly, what is your budget?
  5. I Wanted that nvx 3k amp...since that's gone, I'm looking for two of the jad 1200's and two vcw 12's
  6. Krimzon7

    NVX amps?

    I have had two. One in my old Malibu, and one in my f150. These little fuckers are great. They do rated, perform well. I'd recommend nvx all day
  7. Just realized I never posted pictures. Gonna get on this now
  8. NVX VCW 12. It will sound amazing with that airspace
  9. Nice, yeah I keep hearing this whole POS, don't get loud madness. I love my simple setup. Need to get on putting this build up.
  10. wanted to know if any users have any mounted up F150's. I have a 2012 SCrew with some 24's. Thinking about getting some 6's. https://instagram.com/p/q0T3-aMtH4/
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