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  2. I Wanted that nvx 3k amp...since that's gone, I'm looking for two of the jad 1200's and two vcw 12's
  3. I really REALLY miss my VCW 12. The thing was unreal Also miss this box. Mark made a masterpiece. Ironically, the sub and enclosure are why I no longer have the car...
  4. MY first amp was a crappy Jensen 150 Amp. I traded it within a week for a Fultron 2 channel Amp. I was so happy to get rid of all of those and move 'up' to an Urban Audio 800 watt amp
  5. Do you cup the balls when you blow these companies? There are other brands out there that can deliver quality products.
  6. Thank GOD! totally gonna go with this when I start building out the second ride. My dail is almost complete, Going to enjoy the summer with the DD and start working on The Wild and Crazy build. Also have to save up for a damn destination wedding...thanks a lot jackass brother for wanted to get married in Jamiaca, on my fucking birthday...what a dick.
  7. Not entirely sure if you've ever seen this video, but caraudiofabrication posted a free video for a box design specifically for this woofer. I would use this as a point of reference for your design, or you could reach out to him directly. He's an awesome guy who knows his stuff.
  8. hahaa! I think Every post I've made on this forum has been extolling NVX. Thanks for the video! I have this, I have an all NVX set up and I love how good my music sounds.
  9. I"m listening to stupid ass coworkers. Can't wait to change the song.
  10. maybe he's asking if the rated RMS handling is accurate. I wouldn't think that the OP is being a tard here.
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