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  1. I have been reading along for a little while. Its going to be a nice build. You have researched, asked questions, tested, rebuilt ect. You have put in the time so I am sure it will sound outstanding.
  2. holy crap 9k? I totaled my truck March 30th this year. Took out my system. Sad day indeed. I bought the family a new vehicle and took back my 2006 scion xb for my work vehicle. Started buying things for a new system. I am going to install a pioneer 4500nex touch screen with back up camera. Has all the active settings like the prs 80. I am going to use the arc audio to run the whole thing. 4" fatal pro in the dash, 6.5 Lanzar mids in the door and a skar audio 8" shallow mount for just behind the passenger seat. Just waiting on everything to show up.
  3. Wow you climbed to the highest point and jumped. You are one sick person. lol Nice job on the way down though. Been a while
  4. Is this sub going to become real someday??? I really hope so. Thanks
  5. When I was dieting for the golds classic back in 1998 I was eating 100g of peanut butter fat per day. Sometimes more. Your body needs fat and its a good source. This is how I turned out. 165lbs and maybe 4-5% body fat.
  6. I have been using this protein for years. And yes Bodybuilding.com has the best price. I buy it in the 10lb bag. It comes out to be 83 cents per serving. I use one scoop.
  7. I am looking at these, http://www.parts-express.com/faitalpro-3fe22-3-neodymium-professional-full-range-woofer-4-ohm--294-1100 They are out of stock but I signed up for an email when they get more. Weighs only 1/2 lb and 3" . Would fit perfect in the A pillar. Might not need a tweeter with these. Although if I did run a tweet I could wire them together in series to 8 ohms so not to over power them.
  8. So what ever happened to the A pillars?? I know you have been busy with your daughters car and the lancer. I want to see how you do it so I can think about doing it to the Toyota. Just need to find a 3" driver so install. I think a 4" would be too big for my little truck.
  9. Because your Steve Meade. LOL I thought maybe you could get them through your online store. Its all good. I will still get a set just because I am too lazy to make my own. Thanks man Kevin
  10. Hey Steve any chance you can get me a good price on the q-logic kicks for my 99 Toyota Tacoma? Would really like a set. Thanks for looking.
  11. So from your speakers to your ears that's a wireless connection right??
  12. No I get it.I know there are no rear speakers. Is there a benefit to running all 4 channels off the front besides one less set if rca 's? Do you run a y splitter back at the amp to the 4 channels? I have a set of rca's that have front rear and sub all in one running to my rockford P1000x5. At the time being I am not using all 4 channels right now so the rear rca are plugged in but no speakers hooked up. So ya any benefit if I added kick speakers to my truck to just use the front? Idk might be a stupid question.
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