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  1. I think som1 tried to rip your sub out by jamming the fingers through the surround.... did you not notice your sub sounded like arse?
  2. ^^no way, that's pretty much admitting you lost it. find out who used it last and at what job
  3. OHHH whats that? you let your misses carry your balls around in her purse. lol jk man
  4. turn bass boost down and search on how to set the gain correctly. got any pics of the setup/wiring?
  5. Try without your glasses on steve.... might be the tint screwing with your eyes, tis yellow for sure
  6. thort it was in america, thort thats what the dude was gonna grab out the back of the truck
  7. [/url]">http:// finally found some pics of my last car [/url]">http://http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/5IDE_5HOW/media/HPIM0331_zpse1dfea73.jpg.html'>
  8. Takes two to tango, tell her the reason and she'll prob break up with her partner then you can guilt free thrash that pussy
  9. ^^ this and also surface spray the perimeter of your house, window frames ect... we have ninja ants in my place too atm, I swear they are coming in through the drain and the up through the carpet (wtf?)
  10. lie... you have experience, managing to deal with students while earning a mba. that should be enough (just keep searching)
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