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  1. battery or alt might be on the way out, causing low voltage maying your amp go into protection/turning off
  2. ohhh okay then soz.... i'd be pissed if I got a dodgy one, and trying to get alpine to admit they sold it that way would be almost impossible... cant wait to get a deck that can goto max volume with no distortion
  3. wow that is bad lol.... the amp shouldn't be seeing anything over 80hz if the lpf is set to 80 on the headunit. who cares tho, your happy with it now. welldone
  4. wow that's weird, so you now have the crossover on the amp turned off or at 240hz and lpf on the deck set to 80hz? ohh well glad you sorted it out
  5. fair call mate, prob woulda been the cheaper option todo that in the first place. I no how it is tho, hate waiting for audio parts/boxes/installs.
  6. shoulda built one yourself to spec, hope it gives you the sound your after
  7. different cars... will give you different results. just because a 8" sub sounds good in a corolla doesn't mean it's going to give you the same effect in a bus for example.
  8. water, and a shitload of it. 45 here today with 20% humidity............ Nasty stuff
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